Moto E vs Nokia X – Which is the best budget Android Smartphone


Android sets are in demand owing to the utility and the wide range of applications available. Be it the usual music player or the utilitarian workout app, Android surpasses other operating platforms in terms of specs and also longevity. Budget can often be a constraint and the entry level smartphones with Android empowered platforms are the fitting answers to this. Here we would look to enumerate the attributes of two recently launched budget smartphones namely Moto E and Nokia X, and would conclude the write-up with our view as which would be the best value for money gadget.


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 Design and Build

While Nokia offers polycarbonate plastic, the structure of Moto E resembles the same with minimum differences. One can thus infer that both these sets are well-equipped when the design aesthetics are considered and deciding a winner based on this attribute is extremely difficult.

Verdict- Nothing to choose between these sets in terms of design and sturdiness

Basic Hardware

Processor make is similar with dual-core chipset providing comparable speeds. With 1.2GHz snapdragon Moto E performs a tad better than its Finnish counterpart which includes a 1GHz S4 cortex processor. RAM size is also greater in Moto E as compared to Nokia X featuring a mere 512MB.

Verdict- Moto E sweeps the accolades with a far efficient hardware

Phone and Expandable Memory

Both of these sets have a built-in memory of 4GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB with memory cards.

Verdict- Similar storage space and hence a tie

Phone Display

Moto E comes with a 4.3 inch display whereas Nokia has a 4 Inch screen at its disposal. While the difference is small, the pixel resolution of Moto E is much better, thus making this device a clear winner. Moto E supports a HD display of 960×540 which is better than Nokia X sporting a resolution of 480×800. Pixel density of 256ppi is eminent in Moto E whereas Nokia X pushes out 223 pixels for the viewers. Gorilla Glass protection is also available with Moto E making it sturdier and the display exceedingly sharper.

Verdict- Moto E stands out with the a better display

Software Performance

This is the actual demarcating point as Nokia X has a forked Android version installed which is akin any new platform and seldom gives the actual Android feel. Google store is replaced with Nokia’s original store and the exact cause of using this device is defeated. In comparison, Moto E is a typical Android set with minimum modifications to the existing platform i.e. 4.4.2 KitKat. Software updates are really fast and the UI is extremely elegant.

Verdict- Moto E has an edge over Nokia X when it comes to the platform and UI

Camera Quality

Mostly for the photo fanatics, Moto E wins hands down with a 5 MP camera offering better resolution as compared to Nokia’s 3MP camera. Secondary camera is absent in both the sets and so is the LED flash.

Verdict- Moto E is a better bet when it comes to camera

The price range for the two devices is quite contradictory to the insights this article provides. While the clear winner Moto E is available at Rs 6,999, Nokia sports a higher price tag which is between Rs 7700 to Rs 8000 in the Indian market. Water resistance and the Nano coating are some of the other cherries which belong to the Moto E besides the ease with which this device can be handled in an emergency. Go for Moto E and save a thousand bucks for accessories which would boost the overall performance.

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