How To Get Multi-Window On Android Rooted Device?


The world of Android is great and the level of customization that it allows us to do is a remarkable matter. End users can almost change anything in their device according to their needs.

Be it the dialer or the messaging app. Just download one from Play Store and you are good to go.

You can also change your default launcher to change the home screen and how it looks. The possibilities with Android are endless.

You can further customize your Android device from system level if you are rooted. Root in Android means that you have admin access on your system and you can change stuff at system level in the whole system. You can read more about Rooting here.

Coming to the main topic of the post, you might have seen Multi-window in action on some Samsung phones.

It actually allows you to use two apps on the same screen. Below I have attached an image which gives you a basic idea about multi-window.


In this post you will be learning on how you can bring this multi-window functionality on your Rooted Android phone as well.

Without any further ado, let’s start from the necessities to get Multi-window on Android rooted device.

Requirements to get Multi-window on Android rooted

To get split-screen on your rooted Android device, you need

• Rooted Android Phone

• Android version below Android 4.4 KitKat

• Dalvik runtime. If you are on ART go to Settings > Developer Options > Runtime and choose Dalvik.

• Xposed Framework

Download and install the Xposed Framework APK on your device. Now move on to the next section.

Install Xposed Framework

Now, Install the Xposed Framework APK on your phone! For that,

• Open the installed app and grant SuperUser permission.

• Click on the Install/Update button.


• Reboot your device after successful installation and open this app again.

• Now this app should show the installed framework details in the “active” section.

Install the Required Xposed Module

You will have to install the required module in your phone. Follow the following mentioned steps to do this in an easy way.

• Search for the Downloads section inside the Xposed app and now move on to the next step

• Look for the module named “Xmultiwindow”

• Select this module and install it.

• Now you will be asked to reboot the device.

• Just reboot your device for once and move on to the next section.

How to use Xmultiwindow?

Open your apps drawer and look for a new app named Xmultiwindow

• Open this app and you will see just two options i.e Open Floating Window and About.

• Choose and tap on Open Floating Window and you will now see a small bubble on your screen. You can move it around wherever you want to.

• Unlock the Overflow Menu and add as many apps you want to

• Now to make it work, open some app say, Hangouts and now tap the multi-window floating button

• Choose the app that you want to run in parallel with Hangouts and it will open up two options

• The options will be:
o Add to upward space
o Add to downward space

• Select either one of them and the app will now be opened on the same screen and you will see both the apps running on the same screen

Quite cool feature, Isn’t it?

Final Words

This particular tweak can help you sort out so many things in your Android apps life. It is highly expected that the multi-window feature will be added by Google to Android soon. Moreover, there are chitchats that Apple is working to add split-screen feature to iPads with next IOS version. Let’s wait for the default multi-window feature from Apple and Android, until you may implement the above procedure to get multi-window on Android rooted device.

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