New Details Released About Pokemon Masters, Microtransactions Will Be Included And A New Twist On The Pokemon Formula Is Expected


Pokeman company and Japanese mobile development company DeNA which helped Nintendo to create mobile versions for games like Super Mario, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart are developing the new free-to-play game  Pokemon masters. For the first time in forever, some other company(DeNA) is releasing the Nintendo-affiliated title which is not released by Nintendo.

The game unconventionally incorporates Gacha system and some currency system, the game is fun to play if the player gets in terms with microtransactions. Player has to buy in-game currency to unlock trainers to expand your collection or otherwise you can use the in-game currency and unlock your trainers. Gacha is a loot box-style mechanic named after randomized toy vending machines in Japan, and it’s a common monetization practice in the Asian mobile market.

A new twist on the pokemon formula is expected as Pokemon masters will show us how players can play with trainers and powerful pokemon in three versus three, real-time battles to earn badges.  You don’t have to collect pokemon.

“The idea was to create a gameplay experience where you could befriend not only pokemon, but trainers,” Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara explained during a presentation.


This game takes place on the artificial man-made island of Pasio. In this game, you will be the main character where you will start your journey. You will meet the trainers and trainers will have their one and only one pokemon. They, together are called sync pairs and share a special bond. DeNA is going to release 65 sync pairs, some of which will be rewarded through playing in the campaign.

In the game, you have to work with other trainers to win in Pokemon Masters League. Players will meet several trainers from all previous pokemon video games, where players have to make a team of three. In the initial battle, six pokemon will be fighting simultaneously instead of playing traditional combat battles. New battling techniques are introduced as trainers have battle strategies which can heal their pokemon and even reach their stats.

One of the other characteristics of this game is that it has no stamina meter. You can play it as much time you want without spending any currency or without waiting for a timer.

The game progresses through the story mode and there are several places for events and training and characters get to know each other through “sync stories”.

The game is going to be released on Android and iOS on 29th August 2019.


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