Ninja Blaster Review


Ninja Blaster is your one-stop solution for getting a higher rank for your websites with Facebook as the most important tool of use. Now, Google Algorithm also takes into consideration the websites which have often been shared and have a higher and wider reach; hence, Facebook now is an important tool to be put to maximum use. However, sharing posts and links on Facebook is often a bit boring and can get out of hand; that is when the marketing app, Ninja Blaster comes to your rescue.


Before we get into all the WHAT’s and WHY’s about the software, let me tell you what Ninja Blaster is!

What is Ninja Blaster?

Ninja Blaster is that marketing tool with whose help you post the innumerable amount of posts on Facebook, without even having to need the Facebook app. It also becomes your keyword guide, which in turn helps you in posting articles and links related to those keywords. Ninja Blaster shall improve your business at the speed of a Ninja!


The application has till date received 70,000 downloads and with its help, 70,000,000 photos and posts have been done. With the use of this marketing app, you can perform various tasks ranging from joining and unjoining groups, provide posters with links and also mailing options.

Why is Ninja Blaster your ultimate social media tool?

Ninja Blaster will change your life forever. Too much of posts could lead you to a ban from Facebook groups or limit your posts to a subtle amount of audience. Therefore, Ninja Blaster not only lets you post to various groups but also helps you in getting away with those bans. With the correct use of the features that the software has in store, traffic can be gained, and targets can be achieved.

Some of the most important features from Ninja Blaster include:

  • Share posts on a number of groups on Facebook
  • It covers all the major features required while page handling
  • Services such as bulk pin poster, sharing pin and bulk image poster can also be availed.
  • Ultimate boost to your social activity
  • Keyword related guide and various searches are provided
  • Gmail subscriber list can be built!
  • The software shall work for you as nothing less than a human performing for you. Posting and Scheduling is simple and easy; all you need to do is watch the results escalate!
  • The software shall join groups on your behalf which are related to your keyword. (autopilot)
  • Ninja proxies are an additional function that makes it all easy and simple for you!


  • The software also comes up with suggestions for keyword based upon your one-word keyword with reference from all the search engines. (up to level 5)
  • With the newly added feature, resize images at just one click.
  • You can use the 3 day trial version as well!


Pricing for Ninja Blaster?

There are three payment modes and plans that you can choose from:

  • 1 month: The plan will cost you $9.95 and can be renewed whenever required. (automatically or manual)
  • 1 year: A yearly package would cost you $57; can be renewed later if wished for.
  • Lifetime: One-time payment of $97 is to be made, and you will have the software for yourself for an entire lifetime. All the updates and ad ons continue to be free forever!

Ninja Blaster: A detailed feature analysis!

Let us have a look at the range of features that the software has to offer during its use which will finally lead to a successful and an active social media outcome:

  • Keyword research and suggestions: With the help of keyword search, you can target the right groups and the right kind of audience! Import, choose and apply!
    Easy and simple way to get the right traffic!


  • Image optimization and resizing: With the latest update, you can resize pictures with just a click and given the speed, you can easily save on the time and bandwidth.
    When things become simple and straight, everything falls into place!
  • Online marketing: the software is undetectable and hence gives an outstanding support with professional coding and fast reactivity! A 3 day trial period version is also available!
    If it is online, it is in the right line!
  •  Since the result is instant and traffic is massive, one saves on a lot of time and yet successfully grows and expands their business in a short period.
    Time is money!
  • Emailing facilities: it scrapes of the FB mails and save the regular mails in the form of .txt files! Gmail sender can be easily imported!
  • Gmail: Same as the emailing facilities, you can make maximum utilisation of the subscriptions!
    Subscribers and Viewers must be kept well aware always!


  • Promotion at its best: Sending 500 mails per hour is the best thing this software allows you to do! It is fast and is easy!
    Now that is online marketing at its peak!
  • Craiglist: Easy way to find new leads and scrape unwanted emails; also save the needed one as .txt files!
    Options should always be kept open!
  • Facebook Group Marketing: Post in groups, select the ones you want to post on and as well schedule them with decent time gaps in between. Why to fear when autopilot mode is here! Everything is available at just a click, save on time and reduce your efforts!
    Groups tend to bring the right kind of traffic, big or small!


  • Fan page Scheduler: Keep updating the page and schedule multiple posts on the same at the same time! Everything will be minutes away and of course done with just a single click!
    When everything is all set and done!



Get traffic and expand your business with Ninja Blaster; after you use it, your life will never be the same! With it, you shall receive a good ranking and preference on search engines. At the same time, with the software you can as well give a professional approach to your business!


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