NOKIA XL – Review


The upgrade from the pioneering Nokia X was a given with this device sitting just below the Lumia’s in the pecking order. With Microsoft trying to inject its own brand of Android in the market, the introduction of Nokia XL was just a matter of time. This review would be a fitting end to the hype created around this device and would conclude its stature in the international market. Is it still an entry level device or has evolved in the due course of time, this review would eventually clarify.


Size and Shape

Though it’s just a 5-Inch device, the shape makes it look way bigger than normal. The screen surrounding Bezel takes a lot of space does make it look hardy but not as sleek as the other devices of the same price range. Sharp edges are reminiscent of the Nokia X and the sharp edges continue to bother. The slope is supposed to be there as it would make holding the device easier but the width defeats the cause to a considerably. The screen has a sensitive key just below the surface and without the backlight it often becomes difficult to find. Home and volume keys are well positioned with other tabs like Camera and LED flash sitting at the bottom.

Verdict- A solid device which could have been a tad slimmer

Android Version

Nokia XL supports Android 4.2 i.e. Jellybean which is similar to the way the normal Android sets behave. Google Store is not supported whereas the Nokia Store features several third party software options for the users. Several preloaded apps are up for grabs besides the overall look and feel being similar to the Windows operating system. Fastlane is another addition which makes toggling between the apps a bit tedious.

Verdict- A new platform for the Nokia Users which may take some time to settle in


This set is not well equipped and the poor screen resolution comes along as a constraint. The processor is slow whereas the RAM is on the lower side with 786MB. 1GHZ dual core snapdragon lags when multitasking is eminent. Heavy apps are a little slow to load but the common ones do work efficiently. Acceptable multimedia experience can be perceived whereas the audio quality is below par. Battery charges real fast and the longevity is usually quite heartening.

Verdict- Overall the performance is below par barring a few shining moments

Camera Quality

The 5MP camera with LED flash takes decent photos with accurate colors and acceptable contrast levels. Grains are not seen with the photos taken in the dark and the 2MP front camera delivers a satisfactory performance.

Verdict- Good camera which leaves some scopes for improvement

Overall verdict

This device rides on the Nokia popularity and delivers a performance which is nothing near to extraordinary. The chipset leaves room for improvement whereas other phones within the same price range deliver a standout performance as compared to the Nokia XL. Buy this only if there is a Nokia obsession and an entry level phone is desired.

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