OPPO FIND 7: The Smartphone You Were Waiting For


Are you frustrated by your smartphone’s battery performance? Does your phone remains on charging half the time? Are you looking for a phone which can record your video in 4K? Are you tired of using all the big brands and still can’t find that one smartphone which will become your soul mate? If your answer is yes for all the above question then Oppo find 7 is the result of all your prayers.


Why you should buy OPPO FIND 7?

  • Quad HD Screen: With 5.5” Quad HD screen Oppo find 7 has one of the best screens in its segment of smartphones. It is among those few mighty smartphones which offers 2K resolution. 538 PPI Display and a resolution of 1440 X 2560 will surely light up your eyes. Such specifications does not mean that screen is not strong. It’s screen is protected with Gorilla Class 3 protection and a user can work with few water droplets on screen or with gloves on hand too.
  • 4K Resolution video with HDR: Yes you read that right. Up to 50 Megapixel’s photos can be clicked with HDR Feature. OPPO FIND 7 comes with 13 megapixel rear camera with built in latest generation IMX214 CMOS Sensor by Sony which will bring the best photographer inside you.  Front camera is of 5 megapixels and comes as a very pleasant surprise for selfie lovers. Camera performs excellent even in the low light.
  • Design: Well the device seems like it is made of plastic but it is basically made of titanium-aluminum alloy. The edges are metallic. Capacitive buttons for notifications glows with blue light with every notification which increases its beauty. There is no visible branding at the front side and back side is removable so user have to remove the cover to insert SIM card and memory card.


Beautiful Skyline Notification

  • Smart Charging: One of the many features which makes FIND OPPO 7 a unique smartphone is its VOOC Charging technology. It is 4 times faster than normal smartphones and can charge up to 75% in only 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry then you can charge it for five minutes and you will get a battery for 2 hours of calling.  Incredible isn’t it ?


Weight: 137gm (approx.)

Thickness: 9.2mm

Battery: 3000mAh


Memory: Expendable up to 128GB

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz quad –core CPU

Android Version: Jelly Bean

Camera: 13MP Rear, 5MP Front, Ultra HD Mode, Stacked CMOS, 4K Video recording



  • Excellent QHD Screen with 2K resolution.
  • Super-Fast Charging technology
  • Excellent camera with built in HDR mode which supports 4K Resolution.
  • Built in Maxx audio for awesome sound quality
  • 4G/LTE available with expandable storage.


  • Very low battery life
  • Android version cannot be upgraded.
  • Slippery body
  • Bit costly

Where to buy from?

You can either buy it online from Flipkart or you can buy it from their official website.

Click here to know more about it.

Final Verdict:

OPPO FIND 7 is all set to dominate the market of smartphones. It is currently one of the cheapest phone with such awesome specifications. It is definitely a good buy in the price range of 35k. It will surely give tough competition to big names. So if you are thinking on to buy a new smartphone then OPPO FIND 7 is your perfect choice. This phone is made to remain at top spot and the day in not far away when you will see an OPPO FIND 7 in your friend’s hand.

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