PC Gaming is making a Comeback but is it here to stay?


PC gaming has always been debated for it success and impact on the generation. Powerful popularity and sky roaring success of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which got released in 2005-06 made critics note that these might be the last additions that have made an impact on PC gamers. These gained created a buzz among the PC gamers, and many critics stated that the domain won’t experience much success post this.

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Their verdict had a basis; since 2001, sales for PC games and hardware was experiencing a stable decline. As an icing on the cake, reputed and big giants of this domain namely Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski declared that the firm is now focusing more on console development. In the following years, it introduced more console and mobile exclusives as compared to PC games. The entire scenario turned against the PC gaming until few PC games still managed to survive and thrive.

The race between gaming consoles and PC games took a bend towards PC games in 2013. Now looking at the latest market trends, it won’t be wrong to say that PC gaming had made a huge comeback, surpassing consoles in recent months. The domain credited this success to some popular Pc games namely Diablo 3 which broke records in 2012 and gathered over 3.5 million sales even on the first day of its release, the week followed by recorded 1.2 million collection.

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The Xbox 360 and PS3 have played a significant part to keep the gamers satisfied. There is a list of console games or third party games that are eventually reaching to PC. The popular ones among the lots are Dead Rising 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and No Man’s Sky.

PC Gaming – An Advantage

Whether you want to spend a boring evening killing time or want to play a challenging card game with real cash on Slots heaven, PC gaming gains an edge over others due to its appeal to both casual and or hardcore gamers. The compatibility of running games on cheap, influential, hardware has facilitated the introduction of games that can be run on virtually any computer coupled with the diversity to meet any taste of gamers.

On the other hand, consoles have started to experience the same problem as desktop computers had faced a decade ago. These days consoles have been stuck sitting in a living room where people are now leaving it for impressive PC games. Since mobility has become a necessity, gamers have gone smart in spending money in buying a notebook having 14+ inch screen size and play games along with doing other important things.

The Positive Effect of Steam

The comeback of PC gaming is highly credited to the namely leading games namely League of Legends, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and Minecraft. In combination with this, the impact of Steam had done an excellent job in bringing back PC gaming over the past decade. It’s notorious sales have enabled a plethora of games to be easily available for millions, all-encompassing top-tier AAA to less popular indie games. The Steam client gains all the recognition for setting up a much more social, unified purchasing, and gaming experience that is in same line with what consoles provide. Steam users have the option to stream games by surfing a large, steady, desktop system while remaining glued to a large screen TV.

For how long will this come back stay?

There are more than one reasons for this comeback to last for long, PC gaming are a perfect combination of affordable, powerful, hardware which is set in amalgamation with fun, and inexpensive games which have played a huge role in gaining popularity. The growth of PC gaming has been tremendous for Epic Games to take up the development of the Fortnight exclusively for the PC.

Having said that, the real test for PC games is yet to come when console lull ends and a handful of big games namely Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and some sports games will release. In any scenario, Pc gaming is going to stay as a tough contender.

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