How to play Counter Strike 1.6 on Mac


Action games have always been intriguing and the frenzy for Counter Strike is no different. This is one game which has braved the testing times and has been entertaining the audience with the never say die spirit. While the graphics and system requirements are not exactly top notch, this game provides a satisfactory performance on any given computer and runs almost anywhere. Till date this Game has been working without any hassle on the Windows platform which in turn has forced certain changes and amendments on other operating systems as well. Mac users have been intrigued by this piece of brilliance and this article showcases as how one can install and play this game on a Mac empowered device.


The basic installation guide

One needs to understand that Mac is not supportive of the .EXE files and hence certain modifications must be made. Firstly the concerned file Counter Strike 1.6 .exe needs to be downloaded or copied. One can then open the file using the game folder where it has been stored initially. Now comes the most important part as how to conduct the installation. The easiest would be to use any crossover application which would allow us to run the .exe files on the OS X. Mostly one can use WINE but the performance lags quite a bit and the gameplay is hindered. Several crossover applications are available in the market and these have to be preinstalled so as to allow Counter Strike 1.6 on the given machine. The original version of Counter Strike 1.6 can only be loaded with the Windows emulation software and certain noted options include Darwine and wineBottler. Another process would be to install Bootcamp which allows installing Windows as a backup OS.

Once the file installation initiated using the crossover application, an interface pops up and one needs to click on the Continue and then on Next. This has to be followed by the select game installation and then the final click on the Install tab. Subsequent steps are then similar to that on Windows and the procedure initiates and concludes on its own. Again after installing the game icon needs to be copied and pasted on the desktop as this would allow the enthusiasts to turn on the game and enjoy.

Changing the Mouse acceleration

Unlike Windows, Mac does not have a lucid mouse acceleration system which may hinder the overall game playing experience. One can sort out this ambiguity on installing an application called Steer Mouse which guarantees the best possible game playing option. This would be compatible with any USB mouse and the acceleration curve would work like a charm. Complete control over the buttons and tabs whereas different profiles can be assigned as well.

The news has arrived that the best action game around has received the all exclusive Mac update. This allows Mac vs. PC cross platform gaming experience in addition to the scope for adding achievements and status updates into the interface. Finding difficult to search for the update; worry no more as the installation steps mentioned above would get you ready with your weapon and strike the enemies hard.

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