Most Popular Card Games in India


Card games are among the most popular indoor games in the world. In India they are a favorite past time and are enjoyed by millions all across the nation. Being woven in Indian tradition, there is no formal school of learning them; rather they are taught by family elders, relatives, friends and others in the myriad social scene.

Since they are easy to learn, all one needs is a single deck or maximum two to play them. They are a great companion for the lonely traveller as due to similar rules in play, one can play a game with almost anybody. Though there are numerous card games that dot the entire nation, over the years there are a few in particular which have emerged more popular than the rest. This blog celebrates these card games as they have managed to trump the others.



Also called as ‘Dehla Pakad’ (collect the ten’s) is a popular card game in northern India. Played with a single card deck with four players making teams of two, the objective in this game is to win “Kots” by collecting as many tens as possible by ways of tricks. A team is awarded a single ‘kot’ when it wins four tens. Finally, the team having the majority of Kots wins the game.

Mendikot is popular as it’s a quick game where numerous players can participate. Also, since is no money involved there is no gambling taboo behind playing it.

Seven – Eight!

This is a very unique card game that is played precisely amongst two players. In this game, only 30 playing cards are required and the objective here is that dealer makes seven and opponent makes eight hands respectively. The process of reaching there involves cutting, picking of a trump card by the opponent and finally dealing of cards. In the end a final tally of points is used to choose the winner.

Teen Patti

‘Teen Patti’ comes next in terms of popularity, but being a quick gambling game there is certain amount of taboo towards playing it at home. In this game three cards are dealt to every participating player and limits are raised depending on the player’s confidence with respect to his cards. Much similar to the game of Poker, the winning credits will be to the player with a stronger set of cards.


Rummy especially Indian Rummy is by far the most popular card game in India. Rummy players number in the millions both online and offline, moreover it’s a skill game being certified as outside the ambit of gambling by the supreme court of India.

Thus it doesn’t carry the taboo like any of the other gambling games.

The biggest advantage of the game is that it’s easy to understand and can be legally played for cash. Today in India, there are numerous online rummy sites that provide the platform to legally play cash games.

Rummy has an edge over the others as due to popularity, it has easily been accepted in the online medium. Today there are numerous playing sites where Indians play Indian rummy. Without a doubt there are certain key advantages of playing this game online:

  1. Assured fair play platform.
  2. Safe, transparent, digital platform.
  3. Provision to play cash games and win merchandise
  4. Easy, swift and transparent deposit and transfer of funds.
  5. Opportunity to play with players sitting in any part of India at any time of the day.
  6. Assistance and help through customer service desk available 365 days a year.
  7. Practice games on empty tables, so that you can skill yourself to play in major tournaments.

The above and a few more points are responsible for the online card gaming industry to be valued in millions of rupees. However, the entire business of setting up a portal, and going through the process of raising it to a prestigious gaming house is a tall order. Few sites manage to set a firm customer base, organically grow it, and finally spread into other card gaming products. One site that deserves mention in this regard is

A site that has set the bench mark in terms of player fulfillment, not only does it provide the UI and UX on its gaming platforms. The real take-away is that the rewards and gifts provided are much higher than any other site. Without a doubt card playing in India is here to stay, the million dollar question is what’s form will it take next?

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