Is Poster Printer Paper the Only Consideration for Choosing Poster Printing?


Whether you are looking to promote an event or market your goods and services, a poster campaign can be remarkably effective. However, while many people consider about their choice of poster printer paper, should this be the only consideration for your campaign?

The Importance of the Right Poster Printer Paper:

The choice of poster printer paper is the first thing you are likely to consider when you contemplate printing your posters. Many people lack the equipment to print larger posters, so will consult a professional service. However, once you request a quote, you will be asked for your poster printer paper preferences. The general consensus is that a gloss finish to the paper will be the most eye catching, but your choice will be influenced by where you are planning to hang your posters, if they will be subjected to outdoor elements or heavy traffic areas which may cause rubbing or scuffing. This will determine whether you need aqueous coatings on the paper to prevent the poster from being damaged by moisture, friction or other issues. While a professional printer will emphasize the importance of choosing the right paper, they may not highlight other factors you may wish to consider.

The Cost:

Cost is always a consideration for any marketing campaign. Whether you are a professional business or looking to promote an event you are supporting, you are likely to be restricted to a particular budget. This means that you will need to spend some time researching your printing options and obtaining quotes Compare quotes and remember that you will need to discount any printer which cannot supply the right poster printer paper stock to suit your needs.


Consider Quantities:

When trying to save money, there is a temptation to order a smaller quantity and decide later if you need more. This can be a costly mistake. Most printers offer discounts on their price should you purchase larger quantities in one order. This means that you will need to make a realistic assessment about how many posters you actually need. It may be worth ordering an extra number if it qualifies you for a discount on the whole order.

Company Reputation:

It is all very well obtaining a great price for the quantity of posters you need, but if you choose a company with a poor reputation, you may end up unhappy with the results. The reputation of the company should always be a consideration in your decision. You need to have confidence that the company will complete the job properly and within your time frame. You can always ask to see samples of work and it is worth checking online for any reviews or comments on forums discussing the company services.

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Your Poster Design:

While you may have an amazing and creative design in mind for your poster, if you have a particularly tight budget, you may need to make some changes to simplify the design and reduce costs. You will be looking to keep your poster eye catching and attention worthy, but your printer may be able to assist you in reducing the costs. Most printers charge according to how many colors will need to be used during printing. However, expert printers can advise where color compromises can be made to reduce cost without sacrificing your design.

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