Privacy on the Internet: Using a VPN service is the only way to achieve it


In the wake of the recent NSA revelations by Snowden, it is made quite clear to the world of internet users that that is nothing about ‘privacy’ that exists on the internet. In the very early days, privacy was going online without anyone else in the room around you, but the present situations call for an entirely different approach to internet privacy. We all know how big data is currently ruling the internet world and internet giants like Google and Facebook are making sure to get as much user data as possible by taking note of every single search query. Apart from these services, the Internet Service Providers (ISP) theyhave the authority to store every site that you visit, and putting your browser to ‘private mode’ doesn’t impede them in any way possible.

So, how comfortable can any internet user get knowing the fact that internet privacy has become quite hard to get and harder to leave no footprint while browsing the web? This is what calls for the use of a VPN or a Virtual Private Network.

What is a VPN service?

VPN is a very simple concept of intercepting the route between the user and the internet and establishing a secured encrypted link between them. What happens when you open a webpage or a link is that your computer directly sends queries to the internet that can easily be traced back to your IP address, and this unencrypted data if intercepted can easily be translated into relevant information of every search you enter and every website you visit. A VPN service acts as a middleman between you and the internet and encrypts the data into unintelligible texts and numbers over a physical server located at random locations.

So anyone intercepting a user on a VPN service will only be bombarded with endless text and numbers that will make no sense to the third person. And that many people will be simultaneously linked to over a single VPN server makes it even more difficult to single out the browsing data to a single person or IP Address.

Choosing a reliable VPN service

cactus vpn

VPN have now been quite popular in different countries where some web services are blocked and made available to country-specific users. Choosing a reliable VPNserver is the essential step in beginning your private internet browsing journey. We are looking at a fairly established VPN service called CactusVPN and what it has to offer that makes it a great fit for earning your right to online privacy.

Wide range of protocols to choose from


The middleman, as said before, works on encrypting the data and queries sent by the user to the internet. These queries are encoded and decoded by a series of protocols. These protocols can be chosen from CactusVPN and they help you achieve maximum performance depending on the task at hand. With the introduction of the SoftEther protocol, CactusVPN is the first ones to establish the most reliable and fast protocol for any VPN service. Apart from that, there are the regular PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP and other VPN protocls.

Smart DNS technology


CactusVPN’s Smart DNS technology lets you access more blocked media websites. Gain access to websites restricted to US, UK and Poland residents only. Unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Pandora, ABC, ITV and many other media websites without speed loss.

Browse the internet and download Torrents anonymously

CactusVPN software allows you to browse the internet anonymously and download torrents from their private servers located at different locations.

CactusVPN is also offering discounts of up to 80% on their services on the account of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Be sure to grab up the offer during 24th November to 3rd December for having a private internet browsing at a great deal.

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