Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Phptechnique  (Personalized Home Page for Techniques) is a tech blog that respects your confidentiality the most. While you travel reading and gathering information on our website, we ensure to keep you secure. Take a look at our privacy policy that will enable you to grasp the kind of information we collect and the process we incorporate to utilize the information. If you have any queries in any area, get in touch with us.

We Gather Your Information or Data

We take cognizance of your confidential information, while you visit our website. We gather your information in the following ways:

  • Email Subscription: When you subscribe to our blog, you are required to provide your email id. In addition, when you send us a query using your email id, we ensure to keep your email id plus your email containing our response to the same.
  • Comments: You are required to enter a little information about yourself, if you want to comment on any of the blog posts that are posted on the website. Your information includes name, email address (doesn’t get published), and the website that you are associated with. It is important to note that providing your name and email address is mandatory, whereas providing your website link is purely optional.
  • Cookies: As we all know, the word “cookie” signifies a part of file, which is stored in the user computer having some information about you. For tracking whether our users return or not, our website utilizes cookies. Nonetheless, we hardly possess any control over the cookies and they anyways collect very little information.

The Way We Utilize Your Information

Information Provided By You

The information that you provide about yourself is actually utilized for effectively administering the website. Whenever you mail us about your queries on the website or any other area, we shift it to the top of our priorities in order to resolve your doubts. In addition, when you subscribe, we send emails to you for giving post updates. Apparently, you are always more than welcome to comment on any of our blog posts to put across your perspective. This way, we receive constructive feedbacks from your end and thus, we can grow improving our work. Moreover, when you provide us your information, we utilize it as a true medium to stay connected with you.

Information Gathered By Cookies

Phptechnique utilizes cookies for distinguishing you from others. Often, we utilize cookies in order to provide you an easy access to our website. While in other cases, we utilize cookies for preventing you from viewing nonessential ads on the website.

By means of cookies, we get to have a fair idea of the number of people that are accessing our website from all across the world, thereby identifying our website’s reputation. During this process, we receive quality and authentic feedbacks from our users that time and again ignite our passion to outperform ourselves. Apparently, we utilize this information in order to provide enhanced service to our customers.

Generally, we don’t save or store your personal information gotten via cookies. Besides, cookies don’t even let us access any of your confidential data.


Phptechnique crucially focuses on assisting its users acquire in-depth knowledge in the fields of social media, SEO, making money online, Facebook, software, blogging, and gadgets etc.. We ensure that the content that we provide to our readers is verified and unique. Nonetheless, at times you may see images and text on the blog that may not be original and might have been reproduced from somewhere else.

In our reviews of software, gadgets, games, or other products, we ensure to use them first and then, review them. However, at times the reviewed product or service might not have been utilized by the author of the blog post.

With that being said, all sincere efforts have been made to keep the blog data as original as possible. Nevertheless, the owners also affirm the authenticity and originality of the blog content.