7 Out of the Box Ways of Promoting Your Content on Twitter


Twitter continues to dominate the social media landscape for businesses and individuals seeking to promote products and services.

While Facebook is probably the best place to keep up with old friends and to see what your far-flung family members are up to, Twitter is where people go to learn what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s going on in the web world at any given moment.

Twitter has an estimated half a billion – that’s “billion” with a “B” – daily users worldwide. That means if you use the popular social media platform to promote your business or products, there essentially is a bottomless pool of prospective customers for you to connect with online.

Here, then, are seven innovative ways to effectively promote your content on Twitter:

Participate in the Conversation

Twitter never sleeps. At any given moment, there are millions of people scrolling through their Twitter feed looking for something new and interesting.

If you want to engage Twitter users, you have to be an active participant in the conversation. Twitter isn’t a passive medium; it’s an active one. So posting your profile and sitting back to wait for people to find it isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Follow Me, Follow You

To build your reputation on Twitter, you have to constantly communicate, providing your followers with content they will find interesting and helpful – especially the most influential Twitter users.

Want to find out who these are? Click on the “Who to Follow” tab on your Twitter profile to find the best movers and shakers who can help get your message going viral.

Look to see if any of the influential Twitter users on your “Who to Follow” tab subscribe to any lists related to your niche. If so, follow everybody on that list. Odds are, the majority will follow you back once they realize you are working within the niche they are interested in.

Engage the Platform

Building a huge list of Twitter followers is only the first step in becoming an influential Twitter contributor. The next thing you need to do is engage your followers by providing high-quality, helpful content they can use in their everyday lives.

As more and more people see your content, follow you, and retweet your posts, your influence can quickly grow exponentially.

Retweet to Gain Followers

When you find niche-relevant content that you find interesting, retweet it to all of your followers.

This has a dual benefit: First, the person who originally posted the content will receive a notification that you retweeted it, making them more aware of who you are – and increasing the possibility that they will follow you.

Second, you get to provide your followers with something they will find valuable without having to do anything more than literally pushing a button!

Size Matters

As you probably are aware, Twitter only lets you use 140 characters per Tweet. And that includes hashtags and mentions (more on that later).

That means you have to edit your Tweets down to the absolute bare essentials. You can’t afford to be long-winded. Not only is there no room, but the attention span of Twitter users is very short … so you want to get to the point as soon as you can.

How can you do that? Glad you asked …

Best Types of Content to Post

While Twitter caps the number of characters in your post at 140, it doesn’t limit your content in any way. That means you can include links to websites, PDF files, videos, audio files, images, or anything you think your followers will find useful.

Give a brief (and we mean brief) description of your content, copy and paste the link and Tweet it to your followers.


Hashtags are words or phrases that you can include in your Tweet by adding the #hashtag in front of it. When you include a #hashtag, Twitter will group your Tweet with all the others that include the same #hashtag, making it easier for people interested in the topic it describes to find it.

Use #hashtags to scan through other users’ Tweets to discover relevant content you can share. This also lets you become a more active and engaging member of the Twitter community.

Chat with other users who include the same #hashtag in their posts to quickly build your list of followers. Or use #hashtags to promote trending topics or niches.


You can mention other Twitter users in your posts by adding an @ in front of their Twitter name, such as @TwitterStar455.

Every time you include an @mention, that person will receive a notification in their feed so they can respond to your Tweet and follow you.

@mentions let you build a network of followers or access other Twitter users with your content.

Apart from these 7 tactics discussed above to help you promote your content on Twitter, you can also take a look at some of the top Twitter tools used by experts the world over. Some of these tools can help you manage your Twitter account, spy on your competition or some can help you with the analytics and traffic. Here’re the top 5 tools that we can think of –

1. Bit.ly

Apart from being a URL shortening service, a Bit.ly account allows you to share links to multiple Twitter accounts. You can see check the stats for the Bit.ly links or use the Bit.ly API in sync with Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed etc. And lastly, you can even create your own custom short domain to match your brand.

2. Mondovo

Mondovo has 2 tools related to Twitter under its belt – Twitter Analytics & Twitter Competition Analyzer. While Twitter analytics is a comprehensive Twitter account management and monitoring tool, Twitter Competition Analyzer helps you spy on your competitors to find out their Twitter strategy. And once you come to know your competitors’ strategies, you can emulate the same and beat them at their own game. Another plus point is their pay-as-you-go pricing model meaning you only pay for the reports you generate.

3. Buffer

A sough after tool by many, Buffer allows you to schedule and spread your tweets over a period of time so that you don’t end up spamming your followers. The analytics feature allows you to comprehend what is best loved/hated by your audience. You can also find out the time period where your followers are active and engaged the most.

4. HootSuite

A popular tool amongst the elite social media community, Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media marketing at a single place. You can schedule messages for future, engage and connect with your audiences, measure your social media efforts as well as share the workload to make things easier.

5. Paper.li

A unique application with a unique name, Paper.li allows you to collect the top tweets and curate them automatically or manually in a format that’s akin to a newspaper which can be shared to your Twitter account on a daily basis. Moreover, as mentioned by experts, this app is a good source to drive traffic to the sites mentioned in the tweets.

Author Bio – This article is a work of Sameer Panjwani, founder of Mondovo, an all-in-one digital marketing toolset for all your SEO, Social Media and Analytics requirements.

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