How to Protect Your IP with NordVPN VPN Router?


Hey guys, today we are taking a look at NordVPN router. You well know guys that VPN comes in handy in a lot of situations especially in the streaming community. In this article, I will provide you a tutorial on NordVPN router. In which, I am going to cover these essential topics like- how to set up a router with NordVPN? How to hide your IP address with NordVPN router?

Before I get into the actual service, I want to clear some essential point related to our today topic. Like, what is a VPN? What is a VPN router? What does it do? How does it help to protect us from others? So let me answer that very brief and clear.

What is VPN?/ what does it do?

VPN is a way of encrypting your data that way ISP (internet service providers) can’t see who you are and which your actual server location is. A VPN service replaces your real IP address to another country servers IP address.

Primary three reasons why you use a VPN?

  1. The very first reason is to remain anonymous from your internet service providers to encrypt your data.
  2. Another reason is Geolock content. Geolock contents are the content which is restricted to individual countries. Let I am in the UK and that I wanted to watch from the US. What can I do? Is connecting to a VPN I can choose a country, inthis case, I prefer the US, and I can spoof my IP address to make it look like I’m in that country.
  3. The third reason is torrenting. Because all torrent sites and content is ban in many countries so for a safer downloading you must need a VPN to downloading anonymously.

What is a virtual private network (VPN) router?

A VPN secured routers are not another devices, VPN router is a regular use internet router with installation VPN software. A Chromecast-secured router is used to protect every home or electronic business device you connect to router’s network automatically by VPN encryption. According to me, this is the best way to assure internet security and privacy because it provides a VPN service to multiple devices at the same time.

Benefits of VPN-secured routers:

  1. Safe WI-FI in public area: – if you run a company and you are caring about your clients and costumers privacy and security, so a VPN-secured router is very beneficial for you.
  2. Single set up for all your devices: – take NordVPN router service on a router and have all your devices encrypted and secured. This NordVPN router service is very advantageous for home and small companies.
  3. Protect your data non-stop: – A VPN router is very suitable option always to make yourself encrypted because you have the same VPN service on every device you are using at the same time.
  4. Secure streaming or access: – you can connect all your favorite devices like ps3, Xbox, TV or Chromecast with NordVPN router service and access content with unlimited online privacy and security.

How to set up a NordVPN router:

Guys if you have a lot of devices that cannot be connected with each other, in this case, the

NordVPN router service can be very advantageous for you. So as I promise, I am going to provide

step by step tutorial for setting up a router with NordVPN.

  1. Very first to set up a VPN in your router, the router has to support at least one connection out of these three connection types: PPTP, L2TP OR OpenVPN, and the router has to support as a “client” to permit you to install NordVPN servers.
  2. Read the router user’s manualduring purchase the router, contact the dealer and ask him that the router does support the necessary protocols because most of the routers do not support VPN configuration due to some ISP-issued.
  3. There isa different way to set up VPN for the different router, so here I continue this tutorial for OpenVPN .for other you can search on NordVPN site by the name of routers manufacturing details.
  4. First, you need to download and install the OpenVPN GUI application. Next, open the installed file and follow the setup wizard.
  5. At last click on install.
  6. Once the application is installed now download the NordVPN server configuration files.
  7. You can get the full tutorial to setup NordVPN on a router from the official site of NordVPN services.


Guys if you want to protect your data non-stop then a VPN router is the perfect option for assuring your data is secured, and private may you switch different devices at the same time. So NordVPN router service is very advantageous for you if you have multiple devices connected to a VPN configured router. The NordVPN facility provides a wide range of payment options and suitable discount and plans to make convenient for all.

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