PS4 or Xbox One: Who is the next-gen rockstar?


The times when computers where the ultimate gaming machines are long gone, with gaming consoles quickly catching up recently. Last year, two of the industry giants, Sony and Microsoft, released new products in their line of gaming consoles, both of them coming up with some great specs and a lot of hype surrounding them. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both have the aspiration of being the ruler of the next-gen console kingdom, so which one is actually right? Let’s have a look!

Hardware Specs


Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are successors of some of the most popular consoles of all times – the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. With hundreds of games available for these older platforms, they are far from being obsolete; however, Microsoft and Sony had to come up with a solution to deal with the game developers’ trends to create games that are more realistic, but more power-hungry. The solution was to create what we now know as the next-gen gaming consoles.

Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One come with some pretty impressive hardware specs, which allow them to run even the most demanding games of the moment, as well as be ready to face future games. That’s possible thanks to the 8-core processors that equip both consoles and the powerful customized video cards.

Microsoft and Sony teamed up with the renowned hardware manufacturer AMD, which provided them with 8-core processors based on the Jaguar architecture. The processors in both consoles were initially supposed to run at 1.6 GHz, but a last minute change in the Xbox One had the processor clocked up at 1.75 GHz, thus making the Xbox One a bit more powerful. Be that as it may, the PlayStation 4 takes the lead in the graphics segment, its GPU being capable of a peak performance of 1.84 teraflops, compared to the Xbox One’s 1.31 teraflops. What may seem as a tie in performance at this point is broken by Sony’s choice of GDDR 5 memory over the DDR 3 memory used by Microsoft, boosting the PlayStation 4 ahead when it comes to overall performance.



One of the Xbox’s strong points is its Kinect camera. While Sony also has an optional camera for the PlayStation 4, it is far from being as smooth and intuitive as Microsoft’s , so if motion-based games are your thing, the Xbox One should be your first option. Considering the fact that Microsoft is behind the Xbox One, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that the console also supports Skype, and has quite an impressive integration with Microsoft Windows 8. Popular services such as YouTube and Netflix are also present on the Xbox One.

Sony seems to have focused more on keeping the console a standalone device, so the PlayStation 4 is not as feature-packed as the Xbox One. While there are some streaming apps available, such as the proprietary Sony Music Unlimited and Sony Video Unlimited, the most popular of them all – YouTube is nowhere to be found.


This means that, if you just want a console that’s more focused on gaming, Sony PlayStation 4 is the one, but Xbox One takes the lead in the all-in-one category.



As mentioned earlier, Sony seems to have focused more on the gaming side, and the proof is that the PlayStation 4 currently has a larger variety of games available for it. While most big titles usually come for both platforms, Sony has some pretty good beta-deals set up with various developers, meaning that the PlayStation 4 gets the early glimpse at a lot of games.

In terms of exclusive titles, both the PlayStation 4 and
the Xbox One have their fair share of attractive titles, such as Titanfall for Xbox One and Infamous: Second Son and Order: 1886 for the PlayStation 4.

Bottom Line

If you draw the line, there’s no good choice and bad choice, as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Oneare awesome platforms. However, they each target a slightly different audience. The Xbox One is oriented for the more casual gamer that seeks an all-in-one experience; whereas the PlayStation 4 targets the hardcore gamer for which performance is the upmost important factor.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Airplane Games 365

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