Quick Guide to Creating a Profitable Blog


Blogging has been around for years, and now it is not only a hobby anymore but a complete business model that is being opted by many people across the globe.

When we talk about blogging as a business, it’s crucial that you build a profitable blog and not just another blog.


There is a huge difference in building just a blog and a profitable blog. However, it is not a tough job to build a profitable one. All you need is to have passion for blogging, and follow some steps to create a blog that is profitable.

In this post, I am going to tell you some tips that you must keep in mind while building a blog so that it can be profitable.


When you decide to start a blog, you must plan it well because without a proper plan you won’t be able to analyze what niche you want to select. Niche selection is important because many niches are now saturated, and you cannot make a mark in them easily. Therefore, planning is important which you must do after analyzing the market and audience on the web.


Once you are clear with your niche selection, your half work is done!

When it comes to planning, you must be able to answer these questions:

  • Why are you starting a blog?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What monetization technique you will be using?

These are some questions which answers must be clear in your mind before you start a blog because selection of niche heavily depends on the responses of these questions.

Using The Best Web Hosting

If you are serious about blogging and want to make some real money on a consistent basis, I would suggest you going for self-hosted only. Free blogging platforms are good for hobby blogging.

And, when it comes to self-hosted, you need to use the best web hosting company because a bad host can keep your blog offline for longer hours at times that won’t be good for your business. Therefore, choosing the right web host is what I suggest and crucial too. InMotion, One.com, Bluehost are some of my favorites which never let you down.

Choosing a Brandable Domain name

Domain name is quite important. You must choose something that reflects your blog type. However, you can take a domain and make that the brand just like Google. The word “Google” has nothing to do with what it does, but it is now branded so well that it replaced the term “search.” Yes, you might have used or seen people using words like “Google it”.

I always advocate getting a brand name and make the brand strong enough to be known like the way you want.

Always keep the domain name short and simple so that it will be easily memorable.

Use of the right Tools

Easy to use Blogging CMS: If you hire a web developer to develop a blogging site, it will cost you so much. It may take a long time to develop that too. Therefore, using a CMS is what I suggest, and WordPress is the best bet for building a blog site.

I would advise using WordPress to build the blog as it is easy to use, flexible, secure and robust.

Professional looking Theme: Once your blog is ready with WordPress, it’s time to change its look to a professional one, and that you can do by getting a professional theme from popular theme vendors such as Theme Junkie, Themeforest, Mythemeshop, and others.

Email Marketing Tool: In the age of Google animals and other competition, having a good email list is what helps your blog get real traffic on regular basis.

To build a good email list, and keep sending them automated emails for various events without spamming them, you need a great email marketing tool. GetResponse and Mailchimp are the best ones in the business.


Building a profitable blog needs planning and selection of right tools. Apart from this, you need to be passionate about blogging, and you are good to go.

I am sure this brief post will help you get started.

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