How to Recover Deleted Photos, Contacts from iPhone


With Apple fans growing gorgeously in recent years, iPhone and iOS7 system play important role in today’s mobile life. Not only for sending texts, but also taking photos, they are really miracle tools for users. However, every coin has two sides. Users may encounter certain troublesome matters such as losing photos or contact information when playing games on iPhone. To many iPhone users, the iPhone data means a lot which can bring significant convenience in their daily work. These data include photos and contact information can help them keep the daily schedule and make them keep in touch with people all over the world so that they will face data recovery problems occasionally when iPhone data is deleted accidentally.


Coolmuster iPhone/iPod/iPad Data Recovery is an excellent iPhone recovery tool for recovery data from iPhone . It can help iPhone fans to extract contacts, photos, and short messages from unreadable partitions so as to retrieve deleted data from iPhone without backup. And this is user guide: recover deleted messages on iPhone without any damaged to your iPhone.
This program focuses on iPhone lost data recovery. With the help of Coolmuster iPhone/iPod/iPad Data Recovery, iPhone fans can get back deleted photos and contacts from iOS closed system. As well known, iPhone data is quite different from other data such as Android system, choosing this program to recover iPhone data is more secure. It supports iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. There are two types version of interface when users download this program on their computer. One is “Secure Download Windows” and another one is “Secure Download Mac”. This program is able to recognize the computer system that users are using automatically. Followed by prompted icon on the interface, users can select “Recover Data from iOS Device” once the program is launching on the computer. After scanning iPhone, users can preview the date and then create a new file to save the recovery data.


Users will get the recovery photos and contact information completely. Moreover, although the program is a data recovery tool, it can also be used as an iPhone backup utility when users need to backup iPhone data to PC. By now, users may notice that there is another mode in Coolmuster iPhone/iPod/iPad Data Recovery, which is able to function for iTunes backup. It is really good news for iPhone fans to recover iPhone data as it allows users to selectively recover photos and contacts throughout the previewing function. With this powerful function, this program can make a copy of everything on iPhone such as contact information, short messages and photos.
During sync iTunes processing, this program can take a full backup of the device. By reviewing the different timestamps for the file, users can identify the various modified files on their iPhone. With this special function, users will be pleasantly surprised find that this program can aid the recovery processing easily as it is not possible to delete anything on their device. Same rational issue, Coolmuster iPhone backup extractor app can work well on iPod and iPad to easily get back their contents.

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