How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone?


Data loss has been an issue for mobile phone users for quite long, and ever since smartphones have been launched, such issues gone wild. I hear a lot about data loss from my friends and colleagues where they lose their photos and videos most of the times due to either accidently deleting or some phone related issues.

Gone are the days when you had to go to some professional to get your data recovered, and for which they charge you high. Now, there are tools and software available in the market that can help you recover all the deleted data from your Android phones.

There are countless of such tools in the market, but recently I tried Disklab for Android from TunesBro, and I can say that this is one of the finest tools available for data recovery on Android.

What is TunesBro DiskLab for Android?

TunesBro DiskLab is an Android data recovery software which is equipped with the latest data recovery engine which offers 10x faster recovery process effectively. It is well compatible with Android 2.0 – 6.0 and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Features of TunesBro DiskLab For Android

Deletion Recovery => If you have deleted your photos accidently or by doing some wrong operations on your Android phone, this is the best software to recover all those photos without any hassle.

Crash Recovery => Sometimes photos and other date get lost by crashing of some app or the whole phone system. If you have lost your photos or other data this way, then again, DiskLab is the tool you can count on.

SD Card Recovery => SD card problem is ubiquitous. Recently, when I was all set to travel my hometown, my SD card stopped working, and all of my data gone away all of a sudden. For the time being, I did get a new one to use but later I tried DiskLab, and it recovered 99% of all my photos and data in a smooth process.

Reset Recovery => Many times, we do a factory reset our phones to fix some issues that come in the device. And, chances are there that some of your important photos or data may get deleted as well. And, the worst thing is you don’t have any backup of those data. So what you can do?

DiskLab is again at your duty. Yes, it can recover those data as well which are deleted by a factory reset.

So, what else you need from a data recovery software?

Some important highlights about DiskLab

  • It recovers file more than 17 different types in a very easy and safe manner.
  • DiskLab is compatible with the Android devices those are running from Android 2.0 to 6.0. Approximately it supports 2000+ Android devices.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Phones?

Step 1. First you need to download and install TunesBro DiskLab for Android on a Windows or Mac computer, then connect your Android phone to PC via USB.

Step 2. Now it will start to scan your Android devices,  It will scan all the files on that Android phone. This step will take 5-10 minutes depending on the device.

Step 3. Now you can preview and recover deleted photos from Android. Select the one you want to recover and click Recover button, all of your selected photos will be moved to your computer for backup.


DiskLab from TunesBro is the best data recovery software for Android-powered phones. And, the cost is only $49.95. However, you can first download its trial version to test. If you love it, then you can buy its full version.

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