Retro Marketing Techniques That Still Work To This Day


The rise of digital marketing means that most businesses dismiss old school techniques out of hand. Although it seems like a good idea, it is a bad one. Not only are you lowering your chance of marketing success, but you are dismissing techniques that still work. That’s right – retro marketing is by no means dead. Yes, digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular, but there is still a place for the tried and tested methods. If you are a non-believer, here is a selection of techniques that work to this day.

A Business Card

Digital marketing is effective, yet it is impersonal. People converse and interact behind a computer screen and can’t talk face-to-face. For the older generation, that isn’t a good thing. They prefer to see the whites of your eyes when you talk about business. So, show them the whites of your eyes by offering them a business card. A firm handshake and steady eye contact go a long way in business. Plus, a business card is short, snappy, and to the point.

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Promotional Gifts

Back in the day, firms used to do anything to keep their clients happy. As a result, they would shower them with gifts and treat them to lavish lunches. Nowadays, that is all in the past as the culture is a lot a different. But, there is still room for gifts and freebies where most clients are concerned. After all, everyone loves a freebie. Don’t be afraid to send clients a gift at Christmas or on their birthday to show them you care. A gift can be the difference between securing a new client and losing one.

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Banners are and always will be an effective advertising tool. The thing with a banner is that you can’t help but look. It is human nature to read a sign that you see above your head whether you want to or not. As such, the banner pulls you in and makes you a consumer. You might not act on the message straight away, but it will stay in the back of your head. One day, you could pick the firm that used the banner thanks to your subconscious. That is the long game, but the short game works just as successfully. Your target audience sees the banner and piques their curiosity. Whichever way you put it, they are worth considering.

Sign Spinning

Do you ever wonder why busy strips and city centers are full of people spinning signs and acting like an idiot? The answer is because companies pay them to do the job. And, they pay them because it is a simple and brilliant form of advertising. Like a banner, most people can’t help but notice a person messing around with a sign. If that person is theatrical, they will stick in their head for the rest of the day. Plus, there are people that might want to know where a store is and don’t have the directions. In that case, a sign spinner is essential.

The key to a successful marketing strategy is to mix both the new and the old.

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