Sagoon App Review


We all live in a world where our day cannot start without internet. Social networking has become our basic need whether it is e-mail, social media, e-commerce or networking, we need it in our day to day life. There are a load of websites and online apps that help us to socialize and have brought the whole world to our smartphones. And among those all, there has emerged an app, Sagoon that has almost everything that we need in one app.

About Sagoon

Sagoon is an early-stage social commerce platform that offers users a possibility to make money while socializing. The word ‘Sagoon’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shakuna’, meaning ‘an auspicious moment’ or ‘good luck’. Sagoon was developed into a social commerce platform in 2014 and on 9th of Jan, 2018, Sagoon has launched its mobile app.

Sagoon has three comprehensive features – My Day, Moodtalk and Secrets (Story Sharing) that make this app a standout amongst all others. Each feature has an exclusive use that caters your various requirements. Now let’s discuss about the features to get a detailed understanding of the app.

My Day

My Day helps you in creating and sharing your schedules and making your to-do-list and thus organizing your day in a very effective and neat manner. You can set reminders for all the events and other important things that you don’t want to miss in a particular day. The team at Sagoon has designed the feature to simplify your daily professional and personal life and also to improve your productivity. Lets briefly understand the tools that this feature has to offer:

# It has a multi-location clock that shows the date and time of your current location and any other location that you select, you can change the chosen location at any time.

# It has a weather display that tells you about the weather and temperature of your current location and any other selected location.

# There is a Schedule tool that helps you plan your meetings, assign tasks, planning vacations, keeping tracks of the projects, etc. you can share the schedule with your friends and family who are connected with you there.

# It has a calendar in which you can create your daily schedule and also can share that schedule with up to three friends.

# And last but not least, the most important tool Reminder, because we all forget our important tasks during the day when we are busy doing other things. Just set a reminder and never forget any important task. This tool is really a saviour.


The secret is a story sharing feature that helps you share your experience or a random thought that you want to share with the world or even just to a person or two (you got to choose with whom you want to share your story with), even without disclosing your own identity. Here is the list of the tool that this feature has:

# You create secret and decide who will be your audience (public or private). Your private secrets will vanish after they are unlocked.

# You can hide your identity while sharing a story. This tool also helps you disable the sharing, and by this, no one will be able to share your story further.

# You can also track your secret and know the number of people who viewed your secret and the cities it has reached.

# You can attach up to three images or videos with your story to make it look more attractive. The stories that receive a big engagement and begin to trend become Hot Secrets.

Mood Talk

Mood talk is a feature where you can customize emoticons and stickers that show your mood at that time.

# You can set up your universal mood and show your disappointment or anger or joy or gratitude to the world.

# You can also send the mood emoticons available in the Mood Talk to a specific person to tell him what your mood is, instead of telling everyone about that.

# You can easily search a friend in the mood talk and also start a group chat. All the chats you do, whether personal or group, will disappear in 24 hours.

# You can attach files of any format while chatting with a person or in the group.


All in all, Sagoon follows the social path, Connect, Share and Earn. You will soon be able to buy and send gifts to your dear ones and also earn while socialising. Getting all that in one app is a great experience, and with time it is going to be more convenient and fun. Download Sagoon

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