Samsung 840 Pro SSD – High Performance SSD For Your PC Build


Though Samsung Solid State Drive or to be more specific Samsung 840 Pro SSD is comparatively latest in the market, but it is doing good for itself. Many users are considering Samsung 840 Pro SSD over others because it offers some of the best features at a very low price. Moreover, you will be receiving a warranty of 5 years as well. It helps in boosting up your system real fast. You can actually shut down or boot up your system within a matter of 5 seconds and 10 seconds respectively.


Even if your system is resumed from the sleep mode, it won’t consume much time and you will be back to work within a matter of few seconds. No matter what application you open or whatever work you perform, it will be much faster than before. You must be thinking, what’s new because almost every SSD enhances the overall performance of the system any which ways. But, you will be proved wrong once you start using the Samsung 840 Pro SSD. You will realize what benefits this particular SSD has to offer you!

You will just love every bit of the experience because it not only improves the performance, but you will get better battery life due to this. You will get almost 25 minutes of longer battery life when compared to other SSDs.

Features Of Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Samsung has been able to beat their competitors in the SSD market by coming up with something which performed really well and had almost all the features that is required. Due to this the competitors are still looking for ways to beat them in their own game, but till date they have been not so successful. This time around, Samsung has combined the MD controller of fourth generation with a NAND type of 21nm Toggle. In this way, they have changed the whole scenario of the market from the very beginning, when they launched the Pro series for the first time and they keep on doing the same thing even now. The competitors are busy, rethinking their strategy while Samsung is busy with coming up with new versions.

If you have been following the market, you will witness that every other company has come up with a minimum of two updates each year for better performance of the existing line up, but Samsung Pro series has come up with longevity which is rare in today’s market. This is one reason why users prefer Samsung Pro SSD over others. They don’t want to compromise on quality and who will take the headache of updates to get better performance when you are getting everything at one place. Samsung has been able to accomplish the feat due to the reason that it uses improved NAND, advanced software along with upgraded firmware.

Even when the Samsung 840 Pro was tested for things that are generally not the highest point of SSDs, it still came out with flying colors. As a secondary drive, it performed at 257 Mbps, which is considered to be quite good and as a main drive hosting the OS and performing reading and writing both, it was at 168 Mbps, again a good score to achieve when it’s not considered to be one of your strengths.

Samsung 840 Pro SSD Price

If you look at the price you will witness that it is quite affordable too. With all the benefits that it provides it comes in $220 or just $0.86 per GB. You will find the price quite reasonable when you compare it to others who are almost of the same price, but doesn’t perform quite as good as Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

The element behind the performance

All this longevity that we are talking about is due to one reason and that is Nvelo’s acquisition, which is a household name because of the hybrid devices that it came up with. Enthusiasts are the one who is quite used to this whole affair because they know that now their existing hard drive can be combined with this solid state drive through this amazing specialized software namely Nvelo Dataplex. Nvelo was not the same as it is now. Dataplex Application saw some changes within it to come to this final form and it offers SSD ASAP functionality in notebooks.

Now, you don’t have to pair your SSD to the HDD, instead you can create customized RAM – drive option. This is something which will help you in using the system memory in small portion and would be able to read and write real faster. Due to this reason, if you have anything in this portion of the RAM, then it will be made available instantaneously. Though everything happens behind the curtain, but it is still quite transparent to end users.

The good thing about Samsung Pro is that when everybody else was not even considering the Ultrabooks, Samsung took them into consideration.

How does it look?

If you go by the look, then it is no different than any other enthusiast SSD grade. But, yes, the aluminium case that is black brushed makes it unique and quite different from the others. You can use it any Ultrabook because this Samsung 840 Pro SSD doesn’t use the regular 9.5mm form factor, instead it comes with form factor that is only 7mm.

Last Thought 

Samsung 840 Pro SSD is high on performance and low on cost, therefore, it is definitely a good investment for users who have been looking forward for this amazing combination.

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