What are Security Threats and how can you protect your PC from them?


In the world of omnipresent computational devices and fast growing use of the Internet, protection from USB drives’ malware, viruses, and persistent online threats is the matter of major concern. There are some particular ways in which virus or malware can attack computers and, similarly, we have numerous means to remove such unwanted threats from our computers. The more defense layers you use to protect your system, the harder in is for threats to lay siege on your PC. Some simple but critical stuff that you should always do are:

  • Install a firewall if possible
  • Install antivirus software
  • Install a separate anti-spyware solution
  • Always use complex passwords to secure your system
  • Check and customise your browser’s security settings

The Internet has become one of the main tools of our day-to-day life. Besides being a precious gift, it also creates some difficult situations when worms and malware attack our systems. So we must learn ways to defend and protect the computer from the possible types of Internet threats. New threats pop up every day, and some make it very easy for hackers to carry on their activities.

virus protection

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Apart from virus attacks, nowadays hackers are using vicious multi-layered functions to get an easy entry into your system. It is a type of worm in the message box that is integrated along with a display link which, in turn, is directly connected to a web page, loaded with a Trojan. It has been found that the worms are acting as tunnels to pull programs into the hackers grasp by uncovering their vulnerabilities. The whole thing allows hackers to assemble malware or malicious software in your system from a previously healthy component. It exploits the vulnerability of your system to the max, before the user can even download a fix for that issue. This is where the importance of antivirus software lies, by ensuring strong security from these emerging multi-faceted threats.

The consequences of a malware threat:

Malware is quite tricky in the sense that it can open a backdoor that supports direct access for hackers to hijack your data and other relevant information on your PC. A hacker gets all the control in this scenario, to access the infected system remotely by hacking personal information and related data. It can turn your system into a resource for criminal activities that is controlled by the hacker. Thus, the hacker can design new threats that can infect other computers through your system and may also be responsible for data theft. It is not a simple virus or mass generating worms distributed by emails that cause the most damage, instead it is the targeting of high-value victims.

P2P (Peer-to-peer) share networking has turned out to be one of the best platforms for attackers. They use it by adding Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms and malware into the free download option. The most dangerous feature it possesses is a “browse host” that permits others to access your system directly and browse through your programs and files. It is one of the worst threats that discloses your personal IDs, including login information and any passwords. In addition, it can accelerate file applications and information like chat logs, letters, emails, cookies, and any other records that are housed in the targeted folders of your PC. The viruses in P2P programs can weave their way of stealing information from users into an intricate web, and can even deliver that data to the cyber-criminal who can then commit fraud using your identity.

Protection against virus using Bitdefender:

Bitdefender Antivirus is ready to protect your system from any threat that is likely to harm your computer. The company offers a suite of anti-spyware, antispam, antivirus, anti-phishing and firewall solutions to suit all needs. You can also protect your precious data thanks to its awesome back-up feature, which does not delete your files even after they have been scanned, and the threat has been recognised and quarantined within them. You can scan your hard disk, downloaded files, e-mail attachments and perform various other maintenance activities with the help of Bitdefender online apps.

Their tech support is awesome and helps you install the required Bitdefender components on your PC remotely and efficiently. It can also help you identify any other issues that affect your PC like slow loading times, freezes, lock-ups, etc.

As you can see, with a minimum amount of effort, anyone can succeed in keeping their gadgets and computer safe from virus attacks and malware.

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