How to set up a reseller hosting package?


Reseller Hosting basically means a hosting where the company uses all the resources provided by the parent web hosting and further sells it considering them to be their own. There are various companies offering reseller hosting packages and they choose to host their website through reseller. There are various other companies who are even dissatisfied with their reseller host and further are interested in opening their own reseller account.

reseller hosting provider

One of the best reseller hosting packages is provide by windows reseller hosting. What you all you need is to know that some hosts deals with the reseller on contract and further charges them as per the number of clients and whenever a reseller adds up a client to the hosting the charges take a unique certain rate. There are numerous features which are provided by reseller hosting packages but some of the common features include:

  • Able to create and handle own web hosting company along with the parent web hosting which is particularly invisible to the clients
  • Able to manage all plans and can easily configure all the accounts according to requirements and needs
  • Bandwidth, disc space and domain hosting
  • Users need to determine as to what they really want to do which is quite complicated
  • Users need to change their DNS server if they want their website to be working
  • It’s time to create packages i.e. the hosting packages
  • After creating the package, it’s time to create the web space for client where the user need to configure the new account properly and carefully
  • Using FTP client, start uploading the site to the reseller web hosting

Initial Setup

Many people now-a-days look out for quick and easy way for starting their company’s website for getting a better marketing through potential customers and to serve your customers better the company needs to make their website inclusive of all the services provided.

  • Research for the best web hosting company for determining the best offers provided by them under reseller hosting packages
  • Start considering about the number of new customers whom you can add easily in your new company as this will help in determining the package
  • Consider the size of package and determine the price along with the value added services

Reseller hosting is one of the easiest and affordable ways to set up a website quickly with better pricing and primary source of income. This is all about how to set up reseller hosting package along with its features.

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