Best Shooting Games for Kids


Gone are the days when kids used to spend time outside in the sun to play games. This is the decade of kids who are growing up in the era of technology. Each and every kid nowadays grows up surrounded by various different types of gadgets, smartphones and computers.

These gadgets are extremely easy to use and hence a toddler can easily unlock a smartphone without any type of instructions of help just using their tiny little fingers on the touch screen. Kids these days get bored with things easily but there is so much to explore when it comes to technology and games.

Shooting games

Kids these days like playing games on computers and mobiles. One of the best genres that is played around the world are shooting games for kids. This is a category/genre of games that never gets old and always has something new to offer and that is why shooting games for kids are so much popular and you can easily play shooting games for free online.

In this post I am going to mention some of the best shooting games for kids that one can easily find in the category of free online shooting games.

Shooting games online

In this sections we are going to list some of the best free online shooting games as I mentioned before and these games are later divided into subcategories below. You can try every game one by one and you will definitely find them interesting.

Online multiplayer shooting games

These types kids shooting games are played online inside a browser with another person who is somewhere else and playing the same game. You get to play such shooting games for free online without downloading anything at all inside a browser itself.

Here is a list of online multiplayer shooting games that one can play online.

Sudden Shootout

This is one of those free online shooting games that a person can play with a random person who is also playing the game at the same time. It is one of the best real time kids shooting games which is multiplayer and works as I mentioned.

Two real people play against each other in the game and try to win.

Missile Command

This is one more shooting game that is made in the ATARI console game type and hence the gameplay will seem very similar to a person who has played target shooting games on an ATARI console.

Target shooting games are also a widely played genre in which you have to shoot a specific target that is either moving or stationary. Sounds like one of the very fun shooting games for kids, right?

Stickman Shooting Games

Stickman shooting games are the games in which one plays with a character which is made up of stick figures and has to shoot down a battalion of enemies in order to complete the objective and pass the level and hence, here is a list of some of the best stickman shooting games for kids.

Thing Thing Arena 3

This is really one of the greatest shooting games for kids that are available online. The protagonist of the game – Stickman is on a new mission in which he has to take down every enemy that comes in his way and he gets extra points to shoot the enemy in a cool way. This is one of the most interesting in genre of shooting games online.

Sift Heads Ultimatum

Playing this game is no less that experiencing a Hollywood action movie. OK, we might be exaggerating a bit more than we should here but really this is a really interesting kids shooting game that one can play.


So, these were some of the best shooting games for kids that one can play online without downloading at all. All they need is a web browser and you are good to go to play these games.

If you know some games that we should have added in this list, then do let us know in the comments section below. Personally, I like the target shooting games as they are much more interactive but kids have different choices so let them choose and enjoy!

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