How to get more space and speed up iPhone?


iphone-5sDid you remember the day when you acquired your new iPhone for the first time? It worked fast and crisp, right? But now you’ve definitely experienced slowdowns from time to time, isn’t’ it? You might have heard from someone that closing the apps in the multitasking bar and restarting your iPhone would speed it up. But I would say that it is a myth and you need to perform some tasks to get more space and speed up your iPhone. The following tips would help you in this matter and you may execute them to free up storage and maximize your iPhone.

1.Delete messages and Junk apps

Messages with pictures and videos would take up a lot of space in your iPhone and hence it is upright to delete them, if they no longer needed. Just clear out old text message to get really a speed boost.

Likewise, do check-out your iPhone space list and aware of the most space occupying apps. You may get rid of the unused apps by hitting “Delete App” button. If you’re the one who installs tons of apps daily, it is necessary to clean-up your iPhone’s homepage to get free up hard drive space.

2. Clear the cache and update the software

Like PC, your iPhone browser save cookies, search history and other information into its own memory to speed up page load time. But too much of data can slow down your iPhone and thus you need to tap “clear history” & “clear cookies and data” to get speed improvement.

To grab the latest features and security fixes, it is good to check for the latest software and update your iPhone with it. Before updating your software, ensure that your device have enough space.

3. Overhaul iTunes and other settings

When cleaning up your iPhone, have a look at the sync settings of iTunes if you’re using alternatives to default apps.  No need to sync the default apps every time that don’t apply to you while using your phone. Go to its settings and uncheck them, it will help you to speed up the syncing process.

4. Cast off unused media files

If you wanna speed up your iPhone to fix slow performance difficulties, it is essential to cast off the unused media files like photos, movies, camcorder files, music etc. as they inhabits much space of your gadget. There are many ways to delete these files and if you want to remove all those files at once, simple tap “Music” and click “Edit” at the top of the next screen and now hit the “Red circle with Minus sign”.

5. Disable location service and radio communication

Location service apps constantly pinging up your current location and you may disable it when not in use. As a side effect, you’ll recognize the quick enactment of your iPhone.

Similarly, if you don’t need the radio communication options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, make sure to turn them off. Doing so would speed up your iPhone and also saves its battery power.

6. Turn off auto app updates

Auto app updates will definitely slow down your iPhone and if speed is your main concern, they you should disable the auto update option by going to its Settings > iTunes & app store > Turn-off automatic downloads.


The more free space you’ve on your iPhone device, the faster it’ll run. It is normal that your iPhone will have a slow-down performance after long-time usage. There are many reasons contributing to lethargic routine of your iPhone and it is sure that the smartphone with lot of stuffs would conquer much space and spoils the speediness of the device. So, make a practise to know the usage of your iPhone by tapping its Settings > General > Click usage. After getting the list, you may remove the culprits that engaged more space of your appliance.

Just take short minutes and follow the above listed tips to clear the clutter by removing unwanted stuffs that occupies valuable storage space of your iPhone. If you find difficulties in deleting the undesirable files from your iPhone, you may check How to delete items on iPhone. I hope that you’ll adore the listed tips to maximize the working memory and long-term speed enhancement of your iPhone.

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