SQLBak Review – Avoid SQL Database Loss with SQL Backup Utility


Have you ever thought of putting SQL Server backup in auto mode? Well, your dream has finally come true as SQLBak is a great server backup utility with which you can backup SQL server database either on scheduled basis or automatically and keep track on its performance. In addition, you can easily restore the things back to normal in case of corruption or damage through tablets or smartphone.

SQLBak is actually a free desktop utility from Pranas. It can address all your needs related to SQL Server database backup and ensures availability of database for a longer period so you can easily track the process in your business. No matter you are running a huge database or have several instances of the running database in your company, SQLBak is all you need.

So, let’s get started…

SQLBak includes a small setup to install on your system with SQL Server database. You also have to register at SQLBak official site to get your personalized and own dashboard. Later on, you will get a secret key to establish a secure connection between your online account and SQL server database.

SQLBak allows users to link your cloud account. You don’t have to worry about not having one. You can also register for new account. Keep in mind that you have to sign up to store everything on the cloud which is more secure with fewer chances of data loss and it allows you to restore the database if the database gets corrupt or damaged.

How to Backup SQL Database?

To backup large SQL database by using SQLBak, you will have to go through some of the basic guidelines to boost the backup process.

First of all, you will want to register a new account to get your own and personalized dashboard to manage, maintain or schedule SQL server backup. Also, note the serial key you have generated during the registration process.

Now you will have to activate the program with a serial key that is generated to match the destination and source of SQL Backup copy.

When it comes to backup large database, make sure to have proper space free on your local drive. Even if you have to store your backups on the cloud, you still should have enough space free on your hard drive to store temporary files.

You can access the temporary files folders on “Backup options” menu on SQLBak backup job settings. You can specify the folder over there on your local drive at “Temp files folder” dialog box. If the local drive is categorized into partitions, be sure to use the one that has the largest storage available.


SQLBak is designed strictly according to the needs of their user or client, and it provides a flexible interface based on it as well as a DIY wizard that is self-explanatory and the user can easily understand what they have to do next.

The same thing goes to your SQLBak online dashboard where you can find every option which is tagged with its functions. Several parameters, like date and time, emails, and configuring machine needs only two minutes as well as less effort.

How does it work?

You just have to download the small setup from the official website on your system with SQL Server database. Now you have to register at SQLBak.com where you will be provided with a secret key as well as an online dashboard to control everything.

Now enter the secret key generated in a desktop application and click OK and proceed. If things go well, you will get a message regarding successful confirmation. It means the database has connected your SQLBak account online and is ready to take server database backup.

Now you have to “Add New Job” by clicking on this option on the top right corner at the online dashboard.

Choose your SQL server name running from the drop down list and choose the medium of authentication, for example, “Use SQL Server Authentication” or “Windows Authentication”.

Click “Test” and be sure that everything is fine. It will show “Connection successful” dialog box and ask you to proceed by configuring several parameters.

This is a small review of SqlBak, and if you are still unsure how to use it, then read the How-to guide of SqlBak here.


At SQLBak, you will be offered with power-packed features and great performance that are not found everywhere. You can store everything remotely without having to sit on SQL machine.


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