How To Stop Users From Deleting Your Mobile App


Mobile applications have become household names owing to the utility and their face value. It has been a common sight as how the users can benefit from these mobile based applications which come in handy at most times. Be it the navigation app or the one to listen to the music, applications do constitute the major part of the mobile’s utility. But what if the applications you have searched out of purchased get deleted accidentally or deliberately by somebody who is jealous of your collection! It may even be you who could accidentally swipe over an app and unknowingly uninstall it. While these possibilities galore, certain precautions need to be taken beforehand for protecting the users against these uncalled mishaps which would be quite detrimental to the overall cause of buying and using the device!


Device Specific considerations

Certain devices allow apps deletion by just long clicking upon the surface and making them jiggles. Then there is an Uninstall or ‘X’ button is present where the app needs to be dragged. Often the touch responsiveness of the screen may be a bit too much and the app may get deleted accidently. Flicking a few settings and security options allow the users to safeguard their apps in a manner which would always ask for a pin while deleting and thus accidental deletion is avoided. iPad and other devices from Apple do showcase a simplistic layout and technique for keeping the apps safe and immune them from accidental deletions.

The process is as follows:

  • The settings tab has to be found which then gives you the access to all the phone attributes and related tabs.
  • There would be multiple options and one needs to access the General Button for move ahead.
  • Click on the Restrictions and set the desired pin code for your device which needs to be given every time an app needs to be deleted by the owner itself
  • After the code has been set one has to locate the option named as Deleting Apps, which them concludes this simplistic process
  • Once the app deletion is switched off the user is good to go and he or she does not have to worry about the fate of his lovable applications

This method would work perfectly on the devices from Apple and would make them immune to accidental and sometimes even deliberate deletions.

Other devices

Often certain third party applications are available which would lock the applications as in the iPad or iPhone. Android based devices have a specific application named as the LockMyApp which focuses on putting a security password so as to prevent the applications from getting deleted. As the users look to secure their applications in this format many usually lock their home screens when the device is not in use.

All these strategies would protect your apps from any unwanted access and also would not let them get deleted in the hands of a toddler or an amateur who is accessing your phone for the first time and not well versed with the responsiveness.

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