How Technology Has Changed The Face of Education?


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Undoubtedly, technology has made our life better and easier. With the advancement of technology, we are able to witness better communication through mobile phones, better transportation through automobiles, aeroplanes and ships and finally better education through the mobile learning applications. If we will compare the present education method with the traditional education method, then, we can find a remarkable contrast between the two.

As per the traditional education method, students used to be completely dependent on the textbooks and the class teachers. They had to clear their doubts with the assistance of the teachers. Students used to spend hours on understanding a difficult topic leading to lack of time for the preparation of the exam. It was also a difficult task for the shy students to ask doubts in the classroom in front of everyone.

But, thanks to technology, all these issues that students used to face is now getting resolved gradually and effectively. Nowadays, there are mobile learning applications which can be accessed on both mobile phones and tablets. These applications are helping students to learn effectively and efficiently. Today, technology enables forms of communication and collaboration undreamt of in the past. Students can collaborate on group projects using technology-based tools such as wikis and Google Docs. The walls of the classrooms are no longer a barrier as technology enables new ways of learning, communicating, and working collaboratively.

Here are the points that explain how technology has changed the face of education:

  1. Instant Access to the Study Materials: Learning is now just a click away and this is all possible because of the availability of contents in both online and offline mode. Students can now easily study on the go without wasting their leisure time. With the introduction of smart classrooms, those traditional boring classrooms are replaced by interesting video lessons with the help of technology. This way learning difficult topics like Ohm’s law, respiration, organic chemistry and much more have become easier.
  2. Assessment in a better way: Now, most of the institutes have digitized their assessment process. Students can now take the test from anywhere and at any time. The result of the test will be declared immediately just after the completion of the test along with a detailed analysis. This detailed analysis report is useful in finding out the weak areas. Students taking distance course can give exams at their own place.
  3. Improved Teacher-Student Interaction: Teachers generally face problem in connecting themselves with the students. But technology has made it possible to improve the interaction between the students and teachers with its proper technological aids.
  4. E- Study Materials: Now students don’t need to visit the library just to read a book as there are online libraries available on mobile phones, tablets and laptops, and they can read any book from there. Students can just browse a book and read it instantly without wasting time in searching for it.

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