The Power of Geofencing


You probably have heard about geofencing and have probably received notifications, and you wonder how it works. Well, geofencing has been around for years, but only a handful of people and business organizations have fully understood the power of this seemingly strange technology.

In this article, I will unveil the power of this technology and how you can use it, either as an entrepreneur or as the head of the marketing department of your company.

Basically, geofencing refers to a virtual boundary you set somewhere for a specific purpose via the use of Radio-Frequency Identifiers (RFI) and Global Positioning System (GPS). The virtual boundary will then be connected to a software or hardware application that responds as predetermined whenever a user of the hardware or software moves close or within the boundary.

You may be wondering, then, that what power lies in geofencing. Or, how can you leverage the power of this technology? Well, let me roll it out.

The introduction and adoption of mobile devices, especially smartphones, has created an environment that is conducive to the widespread application of geofencing in different areas of the economy. While using geofencing used to cost a fortune in the past, it is relatively easy and cheaper to adopt this technology now, thanks to smartphones. Thus, the application of geofencing is expanding from insurance to Internet of Things, logistics to marketing.

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The widespread application of geofencing has led to an astronomical increase in the number of companies that are offering geofencing services. If you google such companies, you will come with a long list of such companies. However, over the years, Radar has proved to be shoulder and above taller than other companies in that niche. Why has this company stood out of the pack?

Radar has gradually become the go-to company for organisations and companies that are in need of a reliable geofencing company. Some of the clients of this company include:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • SeatGeek
  • Via
  • TouchTunes
  • Raise
  • GasBuddy
  • Warby Parker.

The patronage of these companies is a testament to the efficiency of Radar and the top-notch geofencing services it offers the clients. It has successfully helped these companies to improve their services to their hundreds of millions of their clients via millions of mobile devices, assisting Radar to successfully process hundreds of millions of locations every day. You can imagine the prospect of increasing your services to your customers by taking advantage of their proximity to your business or office at any moment of the day. That will have a huge positive impact on your business.

Many businesses use this technology to send notifications to their customers whenever there is a special offer the customers shouldn’t miss whenever the customers drive or walk near the business’ location. Many businesses have introduced creativity into this opportunity and have applied geofencing into their businesses.

For instance, as a real estate agent, you can forward push notifications to potential buyers of property whenever they are very close to the property or when they are around during open houses. When these notifications are sent out, interested buyers may take advantage of their closeness to the property to book an inspection of the property. That increases the chances of selling the property faster than waiting until a prospective buyer walks into your office before showing him or her listed properties.

What about its retail stores? How can you leverage geofencing if you are into retail stores services? Well, you can adopt a similar approach used in the real estate business. As a coffee shop owner, you can trigger push notifications when the users of Radar’s geofencing application are within the premises of your shop. A user who is already in need of a hot or cold cup of coffee will appreciate your initiative in making it readily available to him or her rather than being left alone to keep searching for a coffee store in a strange place if the user is a first-time visitor to the neighbourhood.

Of course, that doesn’t leave you out if you are a wedding planner as well. Think about the potential impact on your business if you set up a push notification to visitors around bakeries and bridal stores while you offer them valuable tips that can help them get the best deal or shopping tips. When such people realize that you have something valuable to offer them, rest assured of their patronage.

You can also apply geofencing in the logistics industry. You can use it to monitor your truck route so that you will be notified if your driver deviates from his original path or use if for shipping for defining delivery areas. That will allow on-site staff to be notified of an approaching truck. Thus, they can easily free up the docks or other resources before the arrival of the truck and help you manage your resources and your staff’s time better.

Geofencing has a great area of application, depending on the creativity of the users. Therefore, if you are creative, you will find a way to incorporate Radar geofencing services into your business by taking advantage of your potential customers’ use of mobile devices. You will find it as a great and indispensable customer-retention tool and thus have a good shot at increasing your customer base as well as your profit.

Geofencing obviously is the future of our personal lives and businesses. Advertisers are already using it for marketing purposes by offering tips or coupons depending on your location in a city.

The tech industry has also introduced it into the Internet of Things and the likes. Whenever you control your electric light at home, adjust your home temperature or other smart electronic devices with your smartphone, that’s geofencing at work.  So, it theoretically offers an endless opportunity to business owners to expand their reach, improve their services, and generally record a higher overall performance than better. Radar can help you achieve that too if you are passionate about your business and are looking for an opportunity to grow with the assistance of the latest technology.

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