The Unconventional Uses of PC Monitoring Software


Are you worried about the security of your PC? Do you want to block the unwanted content from internet? Are you looking for ways to retrieve deleted content from your computer? If yes, then monitoring software is just the thing for you. PC monitoring software is a computer software often picked up by parents and employers to monitor the activities of kids and employees respectively. However, the good thing is that, you can do much more than that with it. Here are some of the unorthodox and smarter ways of using PC monitoring software.

pc monitoring software

1. Catch a Snoop Red-handed

Have you ever got the feeling that your PC is being used by someone else in your absence? If yes, then it’s time to catch that snoop red handed. But the question arises as to how? You just need to install monitoring software on your PC, and then leave everything else to it. These applications keep track of online activities like web logging, web browsing etc. If any person visits any link or connects to internet or even types anything on your PC, the software will automatically add it to the record, and you can view that record at any time by logging in.

2. Retrieve Deleted Data

The most basic functionality of monitoring software is that it records pretty much everything that is done on a PC, from typing any alphabet and visiting any particular website, to making Skype calls and sending/receiving emails. If you have mistakenly deleted any important email, Skype chat history, pictures, videos, Gmail chat history; Skype call history etc. from your computer, then you can get that data back in form of images or written text by simply checking the monitoring software, as it keep records of almost anything, no matter how old or recent it is.

3. Block Inappropriate Content

Not everything available online is worth seeing, at least not for some people. If you hate being directed to a porn website when you are doing some serious work on your PC, then the solution is just a click away from you. Install monitoring software and take benefits of its barrage of features, such as category blocking, keyword blocking, white list, black list, safe search etc. For instance, if you do not want to watch porn or see content related to sex, then simply add words like porn and sex while creating a list of browsing option. This is called keyword blocking. It allows you to avoid every single website containing the words which you have blacklisted. For additional security, you can create a white list which contains all the websites which you like or prefer visiting frequently. In the same way, you can add all those websites which you do not like under the black list. These applications and monitoring solutions allows you to do safe search.

4. Recover Stolen Computer/Laptop

In recent times, people have a tendency to keep their laptops with themselves throughout the day due to the nature of their work. This increases the chances of laptops getting stolen, but it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not anymore. Monitoring software offer location tracking and access tracker features that allow the PC/laptop user to find the exact location of their stolen device. You can get information about the exact location of your laptop the second it gets connected to the internet, and this information can be used to catch the thief red handed. Good monitoring software may even take a picture of user every time he/she logs in and logs out or lock and unlock screen along with the exact time these events take place. The geographical location of user can also be revealed in terms of longitude and latitude within minutes.

With these unconventional uses of a technology that was deemed shady and taboo until just a few years ago, you can very safely stop worrying about the security and privacy of your PC or laptop.

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