Ma ke it clear: Tips for Magento store owners


Running an online store is a hard job. However, there is a way to make your life easier and it’s an optimization. A highly optimized web store saves you from unnecessary work and problematic multitasking, extra employees and frequent misunderstandings. If you manage to make your online shop as straightforward as you possibly can, it will not only influence your daily routine, but will also attract and satisfy your customers.

The latest trend in e-commerce is usability. UX specialists are in high demand right now because they know how to make a website appealing and pleasing to the eye, as well as encouraging to buy. Here are some UX tips, so you can use them on your own.

Sometimes people come from search engines right to your landing page, sometimes they go to the product page. Try to Google some of your goods and click on the links, become a customer for a moment and evaluate store’s pages from his experience.


If your online store is multilingual, it’d be great to show a customer a page in the language he prefers. Browsers already know how to do this – they get data about country and language from the GET request and with the proper settings you can save customers patience and time. It’s actually a really great practice to redirect users to the right language version, that’s how you show you care about clients and their on-site experience.

Take a look at the layout design – is everything in the right place? Try to make an order and see whether you’re comfortable and satisfied with buttons, description, images, shipping info. Test your site like you’ve never seen it before and try different actions.

Sometimes the biggest concern is caused by unclear price and shipping conditions. If some of your products are on sale, make sure it’s understandable and draws attention. Sometimes a price already includes shipping costs, but it’s hard to get from tiny sized text somewhere on the bottom of a page. Yes, it takes some additional efforts and web mastering, but don’t be lazy and do things right.

Some of you don’t do delivery overnight on weekends, just inform your customers about it, so they won’t be under a delusion. Again, if your store works worldwide, there are certain categories of goods you can’t ship to the other countries. Of course, there are different shipping conditions for compact or sized stuff. A customer doesn’t need to spend extra minutes on the other page or pages looking for delivery service info regarding his order. You should bring the knowledge to your clients, take care of those annoying technicalities by yourself.

The answer to your question is shipping restrictions. Disable shipping in Magento store for different categories of products. If you can’t deliver this particular thing to somebody across the sea, make it clear from the start. Yes, you’ll lose a potential client right away, but it’s way much better than making him angry with your store. If you’re confused and not sure how to deal with restrictions by yourself, use Magento extension. Remove shipping in Magento, limit shipping or restrict it to different groups of customers.

Make the advice on looking at your store from customers’ point of view your habit. This little thing will 100% bring you profits and good ranking.

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