Top 5 Security Apps for Android Phones


While coming to the safety of your Android phones, Mobile Security Apps plays an important role. With the release of the latest smartphones and all other Android phones, threats for the smartphone is the common thing happening. Protecting your Android phones with security applications help you to escape from the thefts and malware. 

5 Best Android Security Apps

There are many kinds of security applications have been designed to protect the Android phones and here are the top picks. 




AVG is the one of the best application for securing the Android phones. The 4 main features of this dynamic app are Protection, Anti-Theft, Performance and Privacy. AVG can do auto-scans by itself and full scan too. Anti-Theft helps you to locate the lost or stolen device. By creating the account in the AVG Anti-Theft, it will directly send the mail to your regarding mail and helps to track the device by its location. The Performance feature give the details of the device such as running applications on the background, saving the battery and kills the unwanted running apps. The Protection feature of this security Android app scans the downloaded files, protects the personal data while browsing, blocks the harmful websites and defends against all types of malware. AVG Antivirus app for Android is available in 30 languages and its trail version has Sim-locking feature if someone replaces your SIM card.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Security application is the best Antivirus for Android phone and it has been featured in popular tech blogs like PCWorld, TechCrunch etc. It comes in both trial version and premium version. With the trial version, you can protect your device from malware & viruses and has Locate & Scream and Backup & Download feature. Premium version of lookout will offer extra features such as remote wipe, remote lock, safe browsing and theft alerts. If you lost your phone, you can log in to your account and know the location of your device. It also saves the location even after the battery is dead and also helps the device to be found by giving alert sound and alarms even when the phone is in silent mode.


Avast is also one of the top applications for the securing of your Android phone. The premium version of the Avast is cheaper and effective than the other security apps. Incoming files, malware, viruses and URL are scanned by the excellent security tools like virus scanner, app manager, network meter, protector etc. Avast introduces Anti-Theft functions such as location, remote locking and the wiping of the data. You can block your device with your own local networks /Wi-Fi and make the sound of the siren when the device is lost. This app also provides the surplus security features, which is so helpful for Android phone users.

CM Security

CM Security is one of the top-rated app to secure the Android phones and has the good name since the launch. Over 50 million users have installed this app as it has Lock settings and Privacy features. Having ShellShock bug defense to fight against security threats is a notable feature of this vibrant app. Ability of taking picture when someone trying to break the phone is another awesome feature of this security app. Moreover, this light-weight app scans faster than other paid Antivirus scanners and you could adore its multi-layer protection to boost the performance of your Android phone.

360 Security

360 security is a free effective security service which provides multiple scan features with one tap. As it comes with dual-layer antivirus protection, it would keep your android phone from latest threats. Its phone cleaner, data monitor, contacts back-up, Anti-theft, call & SMS blocker and vault are some of the quite interesting features available to protect your mobile phone in all unsecured aspects . You could use this app as permanent security tool and management software for your Android smartphone.


For most of the people, smartphone is probably the most important digital tenure that contains valuable data like contacts, messages, images etc. So it is essential to keep the phone safe from viruses, thefts and other malicious programs. Some basic security precautions are available in Android devices and don’t require apps. But to have enhanced protection with advanced options, it would be safe to use a best security app for your Android smartphone.

There are plethora of security apps for Android phones available in the Google Play Store and some of the best mobile safety apps are discussed here. Are you using any security app for your smartphone? Which is your favorite app? Leave your views in comment section.

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