Top Tips For Manufacturers That Use The Cloud


We’ve gotten used to hearing bad news when it comes to manufacturing. Manufacturers in the West are regularly shutting up shop or move their production to China. To keep up in the Globalised economy manufacturers have to do everything they can to stay one step ahead of the market. If they don’t, they risk becoming uncompetitive and being left behind

That’s why it’s so important that they find ways to improve their productivity. That they use technology to accelerate innovation and that they drive down costs. The following tips will show you how.

Simplify Sales

One of the cool things about the cloud is that is it allowing businesses to simplify sales. When you’re at a sales event, you can simply pull up your mobile device, open your cloud app, and show customers what you’ve been working on.

sales event

This is even more useful when a customer wants you to create something bespoke. The cloud now allows you to modify existing designs to the need of the client on the spot. What’s more, you can simply quote there and then a price to carry out the work. All the information about the design, cost and configuration are right there on the device.

The cloud also allows businesses to have face-to-face meetings with customers. This saves time and money. Plus, meetings and other events can be synced with things like Google Calendar, which is also connected to the cloud.

Accelerate Product Innovation

To stay on top of global marketplaces, manufacturers have to have a great product. But now that product innovation is occurring so rapidly, it’s no longer enough just to keep up with the times. You really do have to stay ahead. Whether that means ordering bespoke angle plastics or developing cloud CAD systems, the focus is on the customer of tomorrow.

Right now companies are using all the tools at their disposal to accelerate the process of innovation. 3D printed prototyping, data sharing, KPI logs and secure online workspaces. It’s all about reducing the time between having an idea and bringing that idea to market.

3d printing

Go Deskless

Many manufacturers suffer from laborious business processes. Workers are often having to flip between operating on the factory floor and sitting at a desk.


But thanks to cloud solutions, the desk is no longer required. Colleagues can now just switch between working on a project and using their computers. That’s because all of the apps that they need are inherently mobile. Instructions, CAD files, and even training videos can be deployed on the go. And that makes for a far more productive workforce in the long run.


Build Communities

Using the cloud in manufacturing is a great way to reduce costs. Infrastructure is a big overhead for manufacturing businesses. But it’s no longer necessary for producing their product. But the cloud is not just transforming the costs faced by businesses. Almost as a by-product, it’s improving how they share ideas.

Thanks to platforms, like Google+, businesses can exchange ideas far more easily and create pools of knowledge. Firms that want to succeed should tap into these reservoirs.

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