Upcoming MMORGP Star Citizen overhauls legal and crime system


Upcoming MMORP game Star Citizen is still on its long way to completion, but game developers have released some interesting features of the game. It is being revamped with robust features and a brand new legal system, the cornerstone of civilization.


Cloud Imperium’s Alpha 3.6 version is bringing new 19 laws and moreover, little space territory is open to players, along with space corps who will implement these new laws.

“The new law system brings a much more systemic approach to law and order throughout the Star Citizen universe,” says CEO Chris Roberts. “Different locations and factions can have different rules which will be enforced by AI or even other players as the crime becomes more serious.”


These 19 laws cover space crimes along with naughty planet businesses. If a player breaks some law and chooses to become an outlaw, he NPC security forces who are given orders to fine, arrest and even kill criminals. The objective of crime checking is not to totally discourage the crimes and new updates have been added to the game to find out the unscrupulous players.


If players are found with stolen ships and goods, they can be put underscan and attacked by space corps in possession of stolen ships. If players will have stolen goods, their goods will be confiscated and fines will be issued to them.


If the player wants to get out of the hands of corps, he has to either leave the place where his warrant came or pay the bounty on his head or use some hacking tricks to clear out his record. This process becomes hectic as other players come after you to pin you down to get the bounty benefits.


Alpha 3.6 allows players to purchase all of Star Citizens ships. There are more than 90 of the ships, and players can get them using the in-game currency. The updates all modifies some of the ships and their weapons, brought some new space stations. Players can make use of VoIP or FoIP to call other ships. The update has increased the crowdfunding total, which is now around $230 million.


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