Want to Make Money With Your Blog? Use Infolinks Right Now


There are numerous ways of making money with your blog: using ad programs, doing affiliate marketing, writing product reviews, and selling ad spaces etc. To earn money from your blog, you can use Infolinks, which is one of the top notch intext advertising programs for monetizing your blog and earn money from your blogging efforts.

What Is Infolinks And Why Do You Need It?

Apparently, most bloggers turn to Infolinks either when they don’t get approval from Adsense or when they simply get banned. This suggests that bloggers use Infolinks as an Adsense alternative; however, now bloggers use it together with Adsense, as well.


Infolinks helps many blog owners earn money with their blogs tremendously. How? It doesn’t require bloggers to abide by stringent rules or policies for approval. All it needs is a blog with a decent number of posts and a little traffic. So, it becomes quite handy as a platform for newbies and small blogs.

Also, it does not require space separately due to the fact that the ad units consume only the spaces that are unused. Moreover, Infolinks supports easy payment options, for instance, receiving the payment in the PayPal account.

How Does Infolinks Work?

This ad network makes use of certain keywords on a website to display the ads by the advertiser. The intext ads appear just like normal links to website readers, thereby leading to more clicks and better income for the publishers.

How To Install Infolinks Ads?

First, create a publisher account on Infolinks, and then paste the JavaScript code in the body section of your website. If you run a WordPress based blog, integrating Infolinks can be a lot easier as there are already plugins available for the same.Use the official WordPress plugin from WordPress plugin directory for integrating Infolinks ads in your site easily.

Using Infolinks ads is a lot easier than using other sources like Adsense. This is because you don’t require placing javascript code on places where you want to display ads manually in Infolinks like you require doing in Google Adsense. You just need to add the code into your website once, and the rest of the process is taken care of by the automated system. Your textual ads are generated automatically for certain keywords from the pages of your website.

What Are Infolinks Smart Ad Units?


1. Intext ad unit—This type of ad unit appears in the form of hyperlinks on your website pages. The keywords on your website pages are hyperlinked with apt ads automatically. You can even customize intext ad unit to accomplish enhanced click-through rates. You can change the ad unit color and the link color. Also, you can choose either single or double underline, and you can restrict the number of hyperlinks on every page.

2. Intag ad unit— Ad unit of this type displays either at the top or at the bottom of a page. You can customize intag ad unit as well, for instance, you can change the color of the links and ad units. And you can choose the number of lines, whether single or double. Also, you can select the placement, whether top or bottom.

3. Infold ad unit—Infold ad unit appears out of the bottom. Although a little bit distracting, yet infold ad unit can be the best one for generating revenue.

4. Inframe ad unit—This ad unit type makes use of the spaces on your website pages that are not being used. These ads can be distracting for your readers, so you can also hide them, whenever needed.

How Can You Earn Extra Money?

You can make some more money by means of Infolinks Referral Program, which allows you to earn 10% of the amount earned by your referral for first 12 months. You just need to sign up for Infolinks Referral Program, and if somebody uses your link to sign up for the program, then will make 10% of what they earn within first 12 months.



Earn money from your blogging efforts easily by using Infolinks. Also, join Infolinks Referral Program for adding some more bucks in your pocket.

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