What to look for when hiring movers in Toronto


So you want to move to a new apartment, and you have a lot to carry with you, but unfortunately, all of them can’t fit in your truck to make the trip only once.

If you ever find yourself in such situation, the best thing to do is always to hire a good mover to help you with this, right? Well, this processes might sometimes feel a bit frustrating, but then with a little research, you can actually find yourself the best movers in Toronto.

Doing your homework well will always help you to save some money and most importantly avoid scams. If you are looking to hire movers to help you transport your items to your new house, you need to go with the best.

With a lot of companies available to pick, you will need some great adviceto make sure you don’t make any mistakes and make sure you get a reliable company. With that being said, below are some tips that can help get through the process:

  • Moving inventory

A good company with a good reputation should be having an inventory of all the items you want to carry. They should also be able to determine the total weight of the items to be moved.

This should be a thorough process as the estimator also need to check all the storage place you have including, garages, drawers, bookcases, and cupboards.

You should know that the price is largely determined by the weight and the space occupied by your items in the truck. Ensure that you fully understand the estimate and confirm that it is accurate.

  • Get a proper walk-through

Be careful with those estimators who will just give you a quick walk-through without even noting the items you are planning to move.

Before making the hire, good estimators will always ask you some questions concerning the items you want to move. You need to be fully prepared so that you can answer all questions correctly and accurately.

Make sure you have separated the items you want to move to your new house from the ones you want to donate, sell or leave behind.

  • Don’t pay a huge deposit

Another point to note, be careful with movers that ask for a large deposit before the job. Good companies will never demand any cash or huge deposits from you before moving your items.

You need to pay only when your items have been delivered. It is a huge risk paying before the delivery since you will not have control over your things again. There is no guarantee that you will even see your things.

When making payments, try using a credit card as this will protect you from possible scammers.

  • Avoid the companies with a name switch

You’ve probably heard of these companies that usually avoid being assessed by better business bureau, right? Yes, they usually do this by using multiple names.

You need to ensure that the company you are looking to hire has both a licensing and insurance information. It must also have a local address.

Their employees should also be able to answer all the phone calls with full business name when a client calls. Try and find out if the business uses other names as well as both their federal and state license numbers.

You can also go online and try to find out if the company has ever received any complaints from the clients. Stay away from such companies.

  • Get references

It will also be a good thing if you could get referrals on the movers. Ask your family member or your friends to give you any referrals of the movers they have worked with before.

If they seem to have none, you can get a list full of reliable movers from different associations such as the state association of movers and the American moving and storage association.

You can also ask the movers you’ve met for references. Ask them to provide you with a list of some customers they have worked with in the past few months. Contact these customers and ask them about the kind of experience they had with the movers.


These few tips are enough to help you find the best mover around your area. Just make sure you are fully prepared before you begin your search. You can also find more tips on how you can get the best movers here.

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