Xamarin – Excellent Framework for Mobile App Development


Xamarin is an excellent framework for cross-platform mobile app development in C#. It is different from all the other cross-platform solutions which often lack quality when it comes to user interface. Xamarin recognizes that a big part of code can be shared across platforms, so the code is very portable. However, Framework understands that apps can’t look identical on all platforms and gives you access to all native iOS, Android and Windows SDK opportunities and UI tools. So the UI layer is the only part which has to be written specifically for each platform, while the rest of the code is shared.

It is definitely a step forward, as you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your app using one of the other available cross-platform solutions, and you also don’t need to write two individual apps for iOS and Android. In the end you get an app which looks and feels just the way a completely native app would without having to write it twice for iOS and Android.


Now, the reason why it is great for iOS app development lies exactly in code sharing. It means that in case an Android version of your app is needed, it can be written in no time at all as the UI layer is the only one that is different.

Plus, C# allows to build mobile apps a lot faster than Objective-C, giving another bonus point to Xamarin. It also has its own IDE for Mac named Xamarin Studio, which performs very well.

Xamarin is a well-funded and reliable company, it’s been around for a while and it keeps getting bigger. Updates are released regularly, the documentation is up-to-date and well written. If you are worried that Xamarin might go broke and the code will become useless as the tools and framework won’t be updated for iOS updates, don’t be, Xamarin is a quality product that is sure to stick around.
The number of developers using Xamarin is constantly growing. There are many communities and open source projects around the world, which are being actively contributed to, so if you need help with your project, you will definitely find it.

Freeze Pro Software developers are happy to be a part of this growing community. Freeze Pro Software is a web development and outsourcing company located in Lviv, Ukraine. Our highly qualified mobile app developers are sure that Xamarin is the only right solution for cross-platform app development. We specialize in creating great iOS apps with Xamarin and offer our clients further technical support.

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